Clay's comments Re Bielema

Were spot on. That’s why I’ve argued tooth and nail for people to have some respect and stop with all the name-calling.

He failed, here, but he appears to be a top-notch person.

We needed to go in a different direction.

I’m just worried that we will end up with a retread Leadh type.

I personally hope CBB gets another shot somewhere and he’s able to hire a better staff. I think a few of his hires sank him, here.

Me too. I understand why people might want to replace a coach. I do not understand the vitriol so many fans have toward one they’ve decided needs to be replaced. That’s especially true when the coach is obviously a very good man. Instead they criticize everything he does, what he wears, what kind of facial expressions he has, how he met his wife, & even his name. People amaze me.

People who spew vitriol don’t really like themselves very much. They are angry.
I agree with y’all except for the fact I wanted Bret to get one more year.

He didn’t. Gotta move on.

Clay’s article was gorgeous. That’s what the Irish say. I can hear my wife’s relatives in Dublin. That was gahrjus.

As a pastor myself, I appreciate the words of Clay concerning CBB. I don’t know CBB and am careful ever to overly defend or denounce individuals I do not personally know, but it is nice to know that AIA leaders felt comfortable around him. CBB didn’t win enough here, but that doesn’t keep him from being the kind of man the coaching profession needs in general.

The coaching profession and all professions need more Christian leadership. It would make our world a better place. Especially politics.

Always count on Clay to put things in proper perspective. Again he nailed this one.
CBB didn’t achieve the success he anticipated here due to many circumstances. Some out of his control & some in his control. He will move on & learn from it & continue to be a fine Coach, Man, Person.
Thanks again Clay for your awesome work.

I appreciated a lot about Bret. He’s sure to get another chance to coach. Here is hoping he does well, but not against the Razorbacks. I liked the idea that he said he’d help Arkansas where he could.

I don’t remember a coach being so liked by the fans when he was fired. Most of us thought he needed to be replaced, but very few didn’t like the guy. I didn’t hear much bad said about Coach Bielema. Yes, there were some people on the message boards who didn’t like him, but not many. I am going to miss the big man, even though I was for his dismissal. I wish him well.

Bret Bielema is my all time favorite Razorback coach next to Frank. He is a class act in every way and it makes me sick that he failed to have the success at Arkansas that he had at Wisconsin. He started off recruiting with a bang getting Collins, Kirkland, Skipper, etc. but it tailed off, particularly in both lines. There are many positions where we are stronger now than when he arrived but offensive and defensive lines, safeties, and kicking game are all much weaker than he inherited five years ago. I am sorry it didn’t work and wish him the best until his team plays the Razorbacks in the future.

I don’t know if we’ll find out - Nebraska may well bring back Scott Frost - but I think that would be the perfect destination for Bret. Historically, Nebraska has been known for strong O lines and power football - and that is CBB’s DNA. We all know that he - surprisingly, to me - failed to recruit enough to that profile here at Arkansas, which ultimately was why he failed here. But I do believe he still has strong enough connections and reputation in that part of the country to revive the proud Nebraska program. I’d pull for him there.

On a side note, one matchup I’ve longed to see over the years was another game vs. the Huskers (there are others: Notre Dame - which we apparently will finally see soon, Penn State, Florida State, Michigan (again), Oregon). But Nebraska is a long-respected name and we’ve only played them the one time. Hope that happens again before I check out. If Bret were there as well, that would add some extra spice to the meeting.

I’m sure it has happened but I can’t recall a coach in his prime coaching years getting fired (after a stint that was. It that long, relatively) and saying he would help the new coach and then a few days later tweeting out compliments to the people of the state.

I was impressed. Maybe I’m a pushover. Maybe the buyout helps someone be effusive with praise but it just seems unique and refreshing to me. I appreciated it.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words for coach B. No more needs to be said. Now we all move on.

This inspires me to want to say more.
My lasting memory of CBB is the Senior Day for Trey Flowers and the two of them hugging before the game. It was a truly memorable Razorback moment considerning what kind of special person Flowers is as well. I am not easily moved, but that was one of those moments. At that point I thought CBB would end up retiring here. I never dreams things could go that badly so quickly.
I hope our next coach ends every interview with Woooo Pig. That will be missed if he doesn’t. CBB really embraced my university and a place I consider home and I believe gave the job all he had.
If I were him I would enjoy the buyout and spend some quality time with his wife and babe and stay in NW Arkansas. Except for a few big mouth idiots the fans seem to love him. And he seems to love us back.
I actually wonder what kind of AD he would make.

Hogmodo he was mine too.

I also agree he would/could be a great AD someday.

Like Clay I sure hope he gets another chance to coach. Illinois is his home state…Iowa his alma mater. Maybe he will wind up at one of those…Iowa won’t have an opening for awhile though…but Illinois might.

This is a great thread. And like the others I appreciate Clay letting us know how his faith. We already knew about his love for his players and the way he represented our state. He inherited a dumpster fire but left the program in better shape than he found it. Just needed to win more.

I really hope we find a coach with those values. And one that can recruit with anyone.

I’m warming up to the Gus Bus…not on yet and still have big doubts that he will come. But crazier things have happened…