Clay's commentary from after the game


Great read.

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Fantastic. Thanks Clay

That was very good Article Clay and you’re right,We are bringing in some electric talent providing we can keep MLB from getting them and the exposure from this season will do nothing but make the mouth water from a whole lot of Transfers who would love playing in front of 11,000 Incredible fans…

Baseball is the sport with the most parity I think bc of the 11.7 scholarship rule,there are so many great Baseaball players across the country that a lot of teams are loaded with Talent,then as you say its about staying healthy and Peaking at the right time like NCS is. We will be back for sure and we once again will be a handful to beat.

I’m looking forward to fall ball already to see what new Presents we get enjoy next yr.

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Excellent, Clay. Excellent.

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I just hope the new guys know how to hit the ball…for base hits.

Excellent story Clay. Hearing how respected and loved Kopps was by his teammates was wonderful. I’ve had to shake my head with a couple of folks who call for DVH and/or coaches firing. Never thought I’d see that done. The season was magical anyway you look at it. Can’t wait until next year.

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Thank you, Clay. I needed that after swallowing that bitter pill. It adds critical perspective to my point of view.

Great column. I don’t post a lot, but this team will always be remembered as the #1 regular season team of 2021. The team that wins the CWS – I suspect Vanderbilt or Tennessee – cannot say they took a series or tournament win from Arkansas.

No matter what happens from here, SEC regular season champs, SEC tourney champs, National Coach and Pitcher of the Year and not losing a single SEC series. That’s historic. That’s real. And it will never be forgotten, nor can anybody ever take it away.

Clay has such great insight, and if you want to know why the #1 team went into a slump at the worst possible time – he said it.

Van Horn has built a dynasty at Arkansas, and as long as he’s the head coach, the winning ways will continue. I believe he’ll get that NCS before he’s done.


I like your perspective, Clay.

Great summary and perspective, Clay. One of the things you mentioned stood out to me, and that was how tough and scrappy these guys were. They were never out of a game and taught me more than once not to give up on them. What a memorable season. Thanks to them for the great effort and to you and your team for great coverage. Woo Pig!

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Another well blended summary of this team and how it all ended without hoisting another trophy…well done Clay!

If anyone can bring us back down to earth in proper perspective it’s Clay Henry.
Well done and thanks again.

Well said, as usual.

Even when I don’t agree with everything said, Clay always brings a perspective that helps me consider things in a different way. This was a fun team to watch and I love the blue collar work ethic of this team. DVH will get his natty. I look forward to living in Fayetteville when next season starts and watching some games in person.

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