Clay's column on Joe Ferguson and O.J. Simpson … ferent-oj/

thank you for posting it or I may have not seen this article.

my fav Hog of all time – kinda surprised Joe isn’t living on the lake.

thanks, Matt.

That’s good stuff there. Great job Clay.

Classic article, Clay. I have history here. In 1969 I played D-line for Arkansas High in Texarkana. The Jets were the world champs. We Played Joe’s team that year. I remember when they pulled up in the parking lot and descended from their gleaming coach that they looked exactly like the Jets. Green and white uniforms, green footballs on their helmets. They were all taller than we were by a foot and out weighed us by 30 pounds. On the 1st play from scrimmage, Mr. Ferguson took a 5 step drop from his 20 and threw over everyone and everything. I can still see the ball bouncing at our own 20 and vanishing through the end zone into the night. We knew in that moment precisely how much trouble we were in. We thought we knew, but we didn’t. After the game, Mr. Ferguson came to the sidelines where I was on crutches recovering from my second of three knee injuries and for reasons I could never fathom, shook my hand. “Good game.” He says. I was never so glad that any recruit came to the University of Arkansas. A great gentleman and player. Thanks for the memories, Joe.

O. J. did it. Joe Ferguson is a class act. People change! The city of Los Angeles planned his acquittal because they didn’t want downtown L.A. to go up in smoke.

Enjoyed visiting with Joe Ferguson. Always have, always will. He probably wished I hadn’t called him. But he was gracious to tell me what he really thought. He just couldn’t believe someone he knew and competed with could do something like that.

Joe is someone who would love to be still involved in teaching young quarterbacks. I hope someone calls him and asks him to help. You couldn’t have a better tutor, mentor or coach.

Yes, thanks for the article. Can still remember my uncle telling me that Arkansas had recruited an amazing quarterback from Shreveport.