Clay's column on Hammerin' Hank

If you haven’t read Clay’s column on Hammerin’ Hank French, do yourself a favor and read it. You won’t regret it. Then, do a friend a favor and share it. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … adio-gold/”></LINK_TEXT>

Clay is absolutely at his best when talking about special people. As usual, that was a wonderful article.

Those are the easy ones to write. I was pleased to see how Prairie Grove – and First United Methodist Church – remembered Hank on Tuesday. I know Natalie has tweeted the story, so that makes me feel good.

good story!!! GOD BLESS YOU HANK.

Marty hit it on the head that Clay’s best work is when he writes about people he cares about. He has a social touch on those stories!

I appreciate all of the emails and notes on this column. I have heard from a lot of Prairie Grove people. That does not surprise me. But I’m a little surprised by some of the notes from folks outside of Prairie Grove. It’s clear that a lot of people recall Hank’s phone calls. Thanks.

Excellent read on Hank,
May he RIP.

Great article Clay. Kind of brings tears to my eyes.
First of all my Dad grew up near Prairie Grove Arkansas. Actually on Country 62 called Bethal Grove.
About Hank I actually thought the first time I heard him is was a prank call. No disrespect I just thought it was a person talking odd for attention.
I soon learned that was not the case. I’m speechless.
I will say IF anybody was on the air and it was time to get out of the car or turn the radio off I didn’t because of Hammering Hank.
May he rest in Peace.