Clay's column on Clyde Scott

Here’s my column on Clyde Scott after visiting with his son, Steve, and daughter, Marsha: … -one-ages/

Clay, what a great article. My dad had always claimed Clyde Scott as Arkansas’s greatest athlete. I on the other hand considered Lance Alworth as the best and maybe the fastest. It is seldom athletes from so far back could even compare with today’s athlete. Clyde Scott no doubt would be a 5 star. Thanks again.

That’s good! Enjoyed it.

I’d rate him a six star. Add one.


I was 13 when Clyde Scott made All American. Over his career at the U of A I saw him play about 3 games. I also saw him play in his rookie season in a pre-season game in Little Rock for the Eagles against the LA Rams. I was angry because they only played him on defense. I wanted to see him run with the ball! He was my hero! Also at age 10 I saw his wife-to-be named Miss Arkansas. What a great couple!

There were so many stories I didn’t get to like his love of baseball. He wanted to try out for the baseball team at Arkansas. Barnhill told him he could run track after football spring training. But not baseball because that was at the same time as football. Imagine him playing center field.

His best friend with the Eagles was Bud Grant. They would duck hunt on Deleware River. Clyde fell in with his gun. Bud got him out. But it was 20 degrees. They were in a boat a long way from camp. Bud paddled the boat to shore and made him run to warm him up. Did this 3 times while they paddled back. Got him safe. Team doctors said Bud saved his life. That hypothermia would have gotten him otherwise.

Great article. Thanks, Clay.

I heard my dad talk about Clyde Scott. He was a legend. It’s a shame we don’t have any video on him from his track and football exploits. He must have been somethin’.

Thanks for writing that Clay. It was terrific. I found this on Youtube. It shows two plays. A TD run and a long punt return for a TD. Not sure I can make it work here as I haven’t done a link in a long, long time. But here’s hoping.


Thanks to all. These stories write themselves. Best to just stay out of the way. I know it’s the subject that sings the story you guys want to read.