Clay's 10 Mississippi State keys … i-state-g/

Wish we had more conversation around here.

About Clay’s keys:

I do not know what to hope for against a running quarterback, but I’m convinced that Arkansas’s defense is better when it is getting players into the opponent’s backfield. Into, not around. As for Arkansas protecting Allen - play-calling needs to be realistic. Do not put him in positions where he does not trust the protection long enough to see the field. Nothing about this game will go right if Allen isn’t able to make the throws he needs to make.

You know Mullen knows the zone read (psst: Tebow). The zone read got him a head coaching job. All I can imagine would work for the Hogs at this point would be to throw something totally unexpected at Mississippi State. Like a 5-2 front, or three safeties, or something. This defense’s numbers against the run are so far off-the-charts bad, it’s crazy. I would love to hear what opposing OCs say during film prep. They sure find ways to attack this mess.

Never seen anything like this. After the Hogs gave up 54 ppg in a four-game stretch in 1990, they allowed an average of 25 in the last four games. They found a way to slow the bleeding.

My thought is that the Razorbacks need takeaways to make up for their other defensive weaknesses. Turnovers can make a major difference. If the Hogs play soft, never get into the backfield, and focus on preventing big plays, I suspect MSU will score a lot of points.

First down is going to be a major pivot point for this matchup. When MSU struggles, it’s not gaining anything on first downs. Arkansas wants to establish the run but can get into a death spiral by failing on first downs. Opponents will take advantage of how obvious the Hogs are about running on first down, if the QB is not able to switch into something that will burn the D for overloading. Those screen passes were fabulous against Florida.

Mississippi State is not as talented as Florida is, except at quarterback, where the Bulldogs are quite a bit better. This probably comes down to a QB duel, and our QB has to be good again.