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Can envision three long-time friends having a good time the past few days! Life’s little moments that mean a lot in the grand scheme…

Brown trout were caught in the North Platte today. My best was 18 inches. Jeremiah Took me to a gorgeous area. It was a little bit tough in and out, but worth it. Saw deer, an eagle and a bear. Yes. A grown bear.

We parked the truck 1,500 feet above the river. Hike in was a little tough on my knees. It’s straight down although path was great. The hike out (straight up) was a killer. Had to stop to catch my breath a few times. When you are at 8,000 feet, there is not much oxygen. We did hydrate and Jeremiah took good care of me.

Got some great pics of the river below us from our parking spot high above. And a couple of pics of the best brown.

We packed in plenty of water and snacks and took some breaks. A shower got us going down but we had our rain gear and we’re wearing waders. It stopped before we got to the river and it wasn’t enough to make the path slick.

Caught fish on my ruby midges, but best brown was on a hopper dry pattern.

Not major sore in knees today from that walk out of the canyon. But we plan to take it easy today. No major hike. We may fish a private lake out of belly boats. It’s good therapy for sore knees.

The last picture is me before the hike. If you enlarge the pic you can see the North Plate in the canyon. River was just a trickle at 154 cfs. Skinny water and only a few small holes that were really holding fish. You got one or two casts before you spooked them.

It was challenging to fish, but oh so fun when you did fool them into a take.

I moved to Colorado 20 years ago after graduating from the UofA. Not many days go by that I don’t pat myself on the back for that decision. And a lot of the joy comes from just what I see in those pictures. Although I really miss my Southern Arkansas woods and fishing in lakes full of freshwater varieties. Varieties that are full of action. Lake fishing in Colorado is not my joy. Hooking a lake trout can be amazing experience, but I’m more of a guy that likes high action hunting for fish, not slow troll for big fish.

Glad your enjoying the things you should in this state. I’m surprised you don’t have more stories on active bull elk in the area you were in.

Saw lots of sign of elk in the area we hiked, but figure the hunters (and we saw three camps on the drive in on the forest service trail we drove) has them moved. We saw lots of evidence of the scrapes of the big elk. I think there are plenty of elks in the woods we traveled.