? Clay

Do you think Brian Wallace is the answer at RT? He seemed to play a lot better than Jackson did when he was in there.

He looked pretty bad against Deatrich Wise in the first open practice in August. Struggled with conditioning and his technique slipped as a result. That was around the time the OL looked like a complete disaster.

I think that’s around the time Bielema said he, Brian and Brian’s dad had a talk. Brian wasn’t where he needed to be. His ‘care factor’ picked up after that. He’s reportedly had three great weeks of practice in a row. I also thought he looked really good Saturday. Graded out with only two or three minuses. Of course, Texas State doesn’t have a Deatrich Wise or Daeshon Hall.

He’s obviously a lot quicker than Colton. Bielema talked today about how he may be the OL most defensive players don’t want to deal with if he gets their hands on them. Had some trouble in the past maybe knowing who to block, but I think they feel he’s improving in that area. Helps having Ragnow next to him.

He may be their best option right now. They’re hoping he’s putting it together, because he’s got the physical profile to be a really good player.

That’s what was said about DK coming out of HS. Good company to be in.

Colton Jackson is still a pretty good player. Brian Wallace has shown that he is not motivating himself for his first 2+ years here. I am very glad to see his light come on…but will it stay on? We are fortunate to have BW and CJ in a rotation at the RT for competition AND fresh 4th quarters.

I think Wallace has a greater upside than Jackson, and he’s a year older.

Hi Matt, I like both of them and love the fact that both are good enough to rotate. BW is the better athlete but Colton has the drive and motivation. Colton is going to keep BW accountable if BW wants to keep playing a lot or starting. I like how Raulerson and Rogers are rotating in the same manner. I am excited about what this Oline will look like after it gels.

I think you’ll see both Jackson and Wallace in the lineup next year. Jackson is an incredible foot athlete. Wallace isn’t bad, either. They both just need to improve their technique. They have the athletic ability. Wallace is further along in his physical development, just an older more mature body.

I see both of them playing this week. The competition between them is going to help push both. The issue that I saw with Wallace is good starts to scrimmages, but fatigue setting in midway through and his technique failing. When you are tired, you don’t maintain your technique. I’ve seen that in linemen forever. It’s a matter of mental toughness and pushing through, learning that technique will carry you through.

So the idea that both could play may help Wallace. He’ll develop some stamina and learn to rely on technique when he’s tired.

I also think getting away from the hottest part of the year will help that. It’s probably a good thing that they are playing inside this week for Wallace. Heat seems to bring on fatigue for him. Maybe he has trouble maintaining hydration.

I think there is the thought that because Wallace was a four-star that he’s a much better prospect than Jackson. Some do not understand that Colton Jackson is also very athletic. When I see him run, I see a burst. Not sure that Wallace has that burst. The difference I see is in total bulk and strength. For his size, Wallace has very good feet. And, his hands are strong. When he locks on, the blocker does not seem to get away. He just has to maintain consistency in his technique.

I don’t think it’s he was JUST a 4 star, he was a HS AA. He was very well thought of.

I agree that they are probably next year’s starting LT and RT. Some fans are down on Colton but good gosh he is a RS Freshman. We need Colton and BW to push each other. I am intrigued with the move of Jake Hall to LT. What do you think?

Jake Hall has athletic ability and great mental drive. He seems to have adapted quicker than I would have anticipated. His teammates love him. He needs a little more bulk and strength to play that position, but his foot speed is going to be an asset against the quick defensive ends in the league.

TE athleticism at 6-5 and 266 and has the frame to add good muscle.

Believe you meant Jackson, not Wallace, above . . .


Yes, I meant that Colton Jackson is very athletic, too.