Clay ??

Do you see anyway CBB stays as coach?

I think Friday will be his final game, regardless of the outcome.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but reading the transcripts of the press conference, it sounds to me like he knows he is gone. So did the assistants. I know they didn’t say it, but the way they phrased things makes me think they’re gone. His comment about putting things together for Peoples sure sounded like a “let me keep my job” ploy.


I’m sure he’d like to stay. I’m also sure he believes if he stays he’ll be successful. I think he would be, too. However, he’s lost the confidence of the fans. Even if he were back next year I’m afraid he’d have to start out something like 5-0 to restore that confidence–and then it fall back quickly with a couple of quick losses. Something he’d almost surely suffer at the hands of Alabama & Auburn.

I really, really like Bret Bielema. I like him better than any coach we’ve had since Ken Hatfield. However, the handwriting is on the wall & probably should be. I’m sick about it. For him, his family, the assistants & their families, for the whole athletic dept family who undoubtedly love him & who are also likely to lose their jobs when he goes. This is just the ugly side of college athletics. But I want to win, too, & as much as I think he might be able to turn it around, I’m not sure he could do it in one more year. Not even his most ardent supporters think he ought to get two more years.

Well said and I totally agree.

From what we’ve heard or been told you are reading the tea leaves correctly. CBB & Co know that Gus is in play and it is coming down to formalities of the exit and Gus’s entry (if Gus agrees).

I totally agree and have been one of his most Ardent supporters. I have also been one of Gus’s biggest detractors. Now I know that Gus is very real and that I may have to at least support him as the coach. This is tough.

It is sad that it has come to this. We are on a marry-go-round of coaches. When coach B came here, we had a totally depleted team. It is not fair to count his first two years on his resume. Then improvements began to show. Then the team lost it’s core, and rebuilding began. Look at this years team, mostly Freshman and sophomores. Look at what is coming, more 4 stars than 3 plus current team with experience, and more speed. The guy is done well recruiting and is building a solid program without cheating. Now, we are in hot pursuit of someone (Gus) with a negative history with the fan base, one that is already divided in opinion about him, and no guarantee that him or anyone else can recruit to AR any better than coach B. So, good luck to all who see a greener pasture out yonder. Marry-go-round will continue.


Not a big Gus guy, but feel certain he the guy. One positive - in my view he has all the leverage in the world so hopefully he can get a salary pool that will allow him what he needs to hire a top level staff including several analysts.

Would be the definition of insanity if they were to keep him…This 100% should be done.

I do not disagree that it is time but the money is huge to swap them.

Also i do not see Gus getting more money + higher Asst pay

we will not pay 1.3 for a DC