Clay, your thoughts on the remainder of the defensive staff

Do you have a feel for what is going to happen to the rest of the defensive staff? We know we have at least one opening still to fill. Do you think Charlie Partridge is coming back?

My impression is that Rory Segrest will no longer be at Arkansas next season. Whether that is a move to open up a space for Partridge, I’m not sure.

why the emphasis on Partridge? Have any coaches mentioned his name, or is this the product of Insiders somehow, or did the idea receive birth on this board by our regulars?

Seems a little like all of the above.

Well Tusch, I know you know Partridge is out of a job. And that we on this board have a way or habit of hiring coaches that we wish were recruiting and coaching for the Razorbacks.

And we do dream high sometimes but it seldom works out.

If you were going to make a change at the DL coaching position, then I think you’d start a wish list with Charlie Partridge at the top. He’d be there for me. Assume he’d be there for Bret Bielema, too. Many feel that is something that could well happen. To this point, it has not.

I hope you are so right Clay. We need Coach CP!

Partridge has heavy ties to this staff. Not only did he coach many years with Bielema, but he was a position coach under Paul Rhoads at Pittsburgh.

I don’t recall Partridge well enough to really care, but I did want to know if it was wishing on everybody’s part, or if the coaches somehow hinted that possibility. Now I know it was just wishing, maybe well educated wishing and perhaps it will happen. Just wanted clarification.

i believe that Partridge is the reason we got Alex Collins and maybe Denver Kirkland. That was Partridge’s recruiting area. He knows Florida and the high school coaches there well.

The ties to Coach Bielema and Coach Rhoads leads credence to the idea and fans seem to love that, but this staff has not dropped this idea to the media.

Also Coach Partridge has been quiet

So, since Clay has more or less labeled Segrest, a dead man walking, what name or names have been dropped?

Partridge is he only one probably because the position is not yet open.

I don’t think I labeled anyone anything.

Patridge could sit and enjoy his buyout while waiting on the NCAA to give the go-ahead to a 10th coach.

I stand corrected, it was Matt.

I never said he was a “dead man walking.” I said I would be surprised if he was back next season. That doesn’t mean he won’t be.


This whole thing is just strange to me.

We need to hire some quality ast coaches.

Playing nice guy, or waiting to hire off a friends staff and not hurt someone else’s recruiting class will not get it done!

Seems to me we are having a hard time hiring quality staff members!

Patience, grasshoppa. If the entire staff isn’t hired by Friday, it’s not a problem. Perhaps he will wait to fill out the staff until after signing day, which is only three weeks away