Clay your thoughts on LSUs 3 week rest

Clay, what are your thoughts on LSU essentially having a 3 week break between games ??? Fresh legs ? Advantage?


Not Clay. But, they have more, better and rested athletes. Sure, they have 2 rookie QBs; they’ve now had three weeks to get better.

They also had more, better, and rested athletes for Mississippi State.

No one really knows the effect the layoff will have on LSU, but with our coaching staff vs theirs, I like our chances.

They have had a 3 week break but they have also had a lot of kids in quarantine that couldn’t practice or workout during that time.

Looking forward to Clay’s thoughts on this. Hopefully LSU is rusty and out of sync because of the lengthy layoff, and hopefully the Hawgs can start fast and build a lead early to force their QB’s to force some things that we can take advantage of. Our Covid issues really concern me though.

I think it helps LSU from a physical standpoint, but might also make the team rusty. It’s not a lot different than the time off between season and a bowl game in normal years. Some teams are able to handle that time off better than others. LSU obviously handled the time off well last year, but that was almost an entirely different roster.

Does not change the main factor in the game, LSU’s inability to play pass defense. They have not had good qb play without Brennan.

I look at who they have beaten, South Carolina and Vandy. One fired the coach. The other should.

Inexperience on defense is a big problem, especially at playmaker spots (mainly linebacker).

It appears they have been in disarray. Does that change? And do they have any rhythm?

Who wants to play more? I figure it’s Arkansas.


New DC (Bo Pellini) this year and maybe a new scheme that the players aren’t 100% bought in yet or still trying to learn. In fact their QB guru from last year is gone as well.

No doubt LSU have the better roster on “Paper” but they had a lot of turnover on that roster and majority of those kids did not have a part of that natty last year! It wouldn’t shocked me if those kids are ready to pack it up and get to off season and some probably talking about transferring out of there.

I do respect Ensminger. He can call a good run game and I’m sure he learned something from Brady.

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