Clay...your coaching buddies

Clay, in the past you’ve referenced watching practice with retired coaches who really know and understand the game. (That’s certainly not me.). But I wonder their opinion of what they see so far through this year? Are the schemes to SEC level? Do other teams seems to be picking up on obvious things that perhaps your coaching friends are? Are the players showing signs of being developed? Obviously, Chavis and Caldwell have been around the block a few times and know what they are doing. The offensive side doesn’t have as much experience. I’d like to hear some opinions…

Agree. I would really like to know what people who really know what they are seeing have to say instead of all of us great coaches on this board

Agree. Some former players think he can get it done and some don’t seem to appear to be on board.

Mainly they say the sub standard QB play is the real culprit. They also do not think the line play is very good. There was one who thought the QBs would be better, but he also said the DL was not of the same quality of the top SEC teams. So he was half right, half wrong.

No scheme concerns?

Starkel was better at texas A&M than what he is here is it because of or offensive line or offensive cordinator

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I didn’t study him at A&M. Did not see him play one game.