Clay writes about Johnny Gibson asking for his chance, then delivering

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I saw we had a new starter in the O-line so I watched him a lot, including the pancake the first play. I turned to my wife and said, “I like that guy, he pancaked the Florida guy on his first play.” I like me some attitude in the O-line!

Johnny is a big load to move and he can really push people out of the way. He had a couple of mistakes, but for a first start he was very very impressive, Raulerson has the smarts but Gibson has the beef. He pulls pretty darned good for a mountain, too. I like the changes!

I won’t throw Raulerson under the bus just yet. He has been hurt and not at 100%. But Gibson sure did look good.

I hate playing this role but I am going to ask the question anyway.
Why did Gibson and CBB have to ask and demand that these very effective changes take place?
Coach Anderson has been working almost a year with Gibson and never saw what seemed like obvious differences between Gibson and Raulerson?
The same for the DL shifts and Coaches Smith and Seagrist.
I like all of these coaches, but this seems like an obvious question and I am interested in others’ opinions.

You might want to re-read the article. Anderson has been talking about Gibson for weeks. He saw something, it took Enos until last week to notice what he could do.

One of the things that was telling was that Bret Bielema said that Gibson wasn’t progressing in the weight room as they wanted, and at one point during the summer, was removed from the workouts. I don’t know exactly what an offensive linemen has to do to make a coach mad about weight room workouts, but that’s as important as anything a player can do towards get on the field.

Gibson had chances in practice at left tackle, right tackle, left guard and right guard. He may even have taken some snaps at center in some spring practices I saw – as far as pre-practice.

I don’t know that the key was for Gibson to ask for a chance as much as it was Kurt Anderson asking for it that made the big difference.

We tend to glamorize players in our memories, but in college they all develop at different rates. If you could take all the players and have them all peak out at the same time, what a team you would have.

Simply because Gibson was ready to play in November does not mean he was ready in September, now, does it.