Clay: who’s the money behind WMS?

To the best of your knowledge, who are the monied Central Arkansas parties behind the push to keep games at WMS?

Stephens? Jones? Others?

Sounds like the Governor and some State Parks money for a starter, probably Stephens along with some others. This decision to give up a home game in Fayetteville every other year (a holiday weekend when there are no students on campus so NOT a recruiting loss at all) and to give up the income difference between a game in Little Rock versus a game in Fayetteville is driven by more than short term money. They think this will be better for the overall program for the long term than playing no games in Little Rock ever again. The Little Rock contract expires at the same time the A&M in Arlington contract expires, so they will re-evaluate everything then. It is much more than a few big money donors pitching a hissy-fit for Little Rock games.

It’s a bit more than a hissy fit. The powers that be clearly have told the WMS crowd to show up or shut up, though I don’t think it will be nearly as cut and dried as the contract makes it appear. If the WMS crowd comes close to meeting the attendance, then I think something will continue.

I actually like the breakdown, though I would like it more if we didn’t play aTm away from home. Missouri simply isn’t an exciting game to me and we don’t have anyone on campus at the time. if we are going to give up a game, this is the one.

I wonder what, if any, impact every-other-year in LR will have on TV coverage? I don’t see CBS ponying up for LR consistently…SEC network maybe?

Why would CBS care where the game is?

That Friday after Thanksgiving afternoon slot is nothing more than a place to put college football games when enough sports fans are potential viewers to justify not showing the usual weekday programing. If the network gets lucky, its game has some importance and gets a bit bigger share, but the main thing is to have some Power Five schools scheduled so advertising slots can be sold as part of the conference season package.

So the networks probably could care less if there are some minor logistical headaches associated with broadcasts from Little Rock.

It will have no effect on CBS televising the game, in my opinion. CBS needs to fill that inventory and most of the other teams have said they don’t want to play that day.

Without question the man behind the decision is Asa Hutchinson. He has pushed for it. He names the board. They are his people, mostly. As you can imagine there are probably proponents of the War Memorial Stadium “game” that are behind the Gov. Hutchinson. It will be state money, from parks and tourism. Clearly, it was timed for his re-election.

Thanks, Clay.

I agree it was the Gov, the BOT member I talked with said when I asked him a couple of weeks ago about his “vote” , he replied, whatever the Gov wants. As to being timed to re-election, if he needed help on tomorrow’s vote, then we’re in bigger trouble than Washington DC.

CBS did quite a few LSU games in WMS. The location doesn’t matter to them. They have to bring in their trucks regardless.

CBS does not give a rip where the game is played.

CBS doesn’t care where the game is played.