Clay-WHO is actually in charge of the football program?

Aloha Clay,

As our Number One Insider…WHO currently is actually in charge of the Arkansas football program?

The person(s) who led the crusade to get JL fired? The person(s) who is actually calling the shots to determine when to fire CBB?

The person(s) who is going to determine the criteria of selecting the new football coach and the actual selection of the new football coach?

I am not asking for the “Chain of Command.” Got it. I am asking WHO is truly pulling the strings and ultimately is controlling the future and fate of the Arkansas football program?

The BOT? The GOBN? If the GOBN, WHO is the actual leader of the GOBN who is making these changes and calling the shots?

Lastly, if at all possible, I would enjoy an article of how all of this (firing of JL, CBB and the selection of the new HC) TRULY went down…with names.


A good question but I will be surprised if Clay feels
completely at ease with putting in print the whole
truth that he may well be privy to.

It takes seriously deep pockets to be pursuing this
course of action. Some of these people(wealthy families)
aren’t especially happy with some things being aired out:
Walton, Tyson, Hunt, Murphy, Hussman, and Stephens.
Sounds like a Washinton law office. No, just mucho wealth
and power.
Actually, you would never want any of this group unhappy
with you especially if your livelihood is in Arkansas.


They are looking for a new athletic director. So you don’t have anyone in charge right now. I think the BoT is 10, right. Each one of them has a vote, but not one of them is in charge. You want an easy answer, someone to blame or point to to vent. It’s not that easy.

You have a Chancellor who definitely is reporting to the board. Isn’t that the way it’s drawn up, and always the way it is?

I covered that earlier in the week. There is no king right now.

My guess is that a small group of former “good ole boys” headed up by former Razorback basketball player Tommy Boyer, led the coup to get rid of Long.

My guess as to who the face of the program is searching for a coach, the one calling prospective coaches/and or their agents, gauging their interest in the job, is Jerry Jones.

They may not be “running the program”, that would be the chancellor and the BOT. But these two head up the small group in the background calling the shots and pledging to raise the money to get it done.

Oh that would be a great book or article to read. Now I say this in no way to cast any bad light on any of our insiders, but those are some questions that will never see answers in the light of day other that BOT, Univ. President, Univ Chancellors, etc. You might as well try to get Hillary and Bill Clinton to sit down with Sean Hannity and every agree to tell the unvarnished truth. Never gonna happen.

The folks who buy the tickets and hot dogs and support program by being in the seats cheering on the team each time.

Simple response but without the supportive fanbase there is not enough money by the so called powers to fund an athletic program. This year’s homecoming attendance on a good weather day was a tipping point for action by BOT. All companies\ governments ultimately report to their customers\ voters.


I find it incredible that the BOT would fire the AD JL and expect an interim AD who’s background is NCAA compliance to fire and select the new football HC. JL has an outstanding national reputation with vastly superior contacts since assuming the UA post than most current ADs. To make matters worse the Chancellor, to my knowledge, has an “arts” background with little to no knowledge of big time collegiate athletics.
So the trail leads me back to the BOT. Who has the influence over the BOT to result in JL being fired, CBB to be fired and replaced by whomever?
And will the new AD be “advised” on who to select for the new HC position? Or will there be a “committee” which is quietly steered into the selection without any direct evidence to the contrary?
And with JL’s firing after doing a magnificent job of renovating the athletic department and facilities, which professional AD would want the job?
Hopefully NOT any former FB coach with very limited expertise in leading a complex business which is today’s UA athletic department. There are probably many of us on this board more qualified to be the AD than a former FB coach.

Yes, it will be a committee. Definitely with some diverse views. You may not like that, but that’s the direction. Committee.

I’d say one of your guesses is really good, one not at all accurate and one is open to debate.

The fans are certainly a big part of the equation.

But as in any situation, those with lots of money have more power than those that don’t have lots of money