Clay… when does spring football start?

Just need some practice reports… I’m missing my hogs!

It’s going to be a few months. Cool your jets.

Dates haven’t been set, but I typically expect it to begin in mid-March with a spring game the third or fourth weekend in April.

Spring game in Little Rock this year?

No, the spring game will probably never be played in Little Rock again.


2 more impatient months, lol

When is the Garth Brooks concert at Razorback stadium, would they have spring game before that?

Garth Brooks is April 23. My guess is the spring game would be before that.

NCAA will have to change the rules for the spring game to be played in WMS.

Razorback Baseball starts next month! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, baseball is on my mind. Finishing the Baseball Preview today. It prints tomorrow night. 48 pages with lots of baseball from me, Matt and Dudley. Matt is our photo editor, if not by title, by work load. He found awesome photos. It’s sure to be a nice issue.


Clay while talking about the print edition of HI… I am curious about something…. Regarding the annual football recruiting print issue….

Anyway that can get pushed bask to the March edition or however it used to be? Couple things I noticed in the last edition, one being we are not capturing all the transfers and potential signees…. Two, the recruiting capsules have been cut. No quotes from the head coach or position coaches? Those were always so interesting… and no quotes from the players on why they chose Arkansas… again those were always so interesting… just some thoughts…

I eliminated the player quotes on why the chose Arkansas. They were bland. No real reason. I think it’s like family. Over and over.

We have never had assistant coach quotes.

Sam did not cover but about one third of them on signing day. Seemed silly to just put in one third.

The portal guys are covered in issue printing tomorrow.

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