Clay, What’s Your Steak Marinade?

I seem to recall you had a grape jelly concoction that you put on steals to grill? The boys are coming home Thursday for winter break and I’m going to shoot a steak to them on my new Yoder pellet grill. Especially now that I’m feeling better post-Covid (tough to smoke meat recovering from that mess with the COUGH!).
I found this marinade in Jackson made by a fireman that is excellent (so good I bought a couple of gallons of it) but I want to try yours as well.
Thanks in advance.

Good question. I have not asked because this has been covered several times right here. My wife has just about taken over all cooking. She has learned my Chile recipe and has done very good. Now the steak cuts have just gone off a cliff. From bad to worse. I have often wondered what that steak marinade was, but have been to hesitant to ask. Should have copied and printed his answer off. I’ve been waiting for somebody to ask.

Here we are.

You can find Clay’s grape jelly “recipe” in this thread from Dec 2019.

Worth a taste.

Clay when is the last time you did a batch of apple pancakes?

Twice in last month. We always have them Christmas morning.

Have you done a brisket yet?

Not yet. We are leaving Saturday for San Francisco for a week then I plan to do one when we get back. I need everyone home to help eat a brisket and split it with the office staff for lunch.

Sams here sells a nice brisket tip which I may try first. Which type of wood you like using for a brisket Q? I’ve got apple, pecan and hickory pellets.

I buy most of my brisket packers from Sam’s. I look for the same thing whether it’s choice or prime. The bend test. If you find a choice brisket that bends well in the cryo vs. a prime that doesn’t, buy the choice. I like hickory on a brisket, maybe even a little pecan, but I a brisket can take a wood with a heartier flavor profile. I’m a very simple kosher salt and course ground pepper rub person. When you get ready to do one, shoot me a PM and I’ll share the process in more detail. I’ve screwed up a LOT of briskets to get this down, lol, and now it’s pretty consistently praised by others.

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I need to cook a brisket. Just not something I’ve wanted to do. I guess I’m stuck on ribs, chickens and steaks.

I love all 3 of those. But, I also love a good brisket. And pork butts. And pork burnt ends.

Will do. It IS a process and everyone’s is different it seems. I’ve injected them vs not, used different rubs and such in the past and not been pleased with several on my old Kamado Joe ceramic. I’m looking forward to a long brisket smoke on the Yoder bc worrying with that Kamado manual air control and temp regulation was annoying.

Good comments about the bend…had been told that before and good advice. I’ll hit you up when I get ready Q. Love me some burnt ends!

Been thinking about getting a Yoder. Are you pleased with your purchase so far? Have you cooked a steak on it yet? Can you get good sear with it?

BC I LOVE this Yoder! And yes it’s great for searing steaks. Mine gets up to 650 degrees which is plenty to sear. I would purchase Grill Grates extra and use those to sear bc the aluminum increase the temp about 125 degrees on the meat you are searing. I remove the firebox cover plate for the sear(you’ll know what this is when you see/use the Yoder). I seared some ribeyes last weekend in about 8 minutes, perfect medium cook. I cook everything so far on it with their temp probes…fool proof!

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