Clay what are your thoughts on UT and OU?

I know you have some …. To me if we are in a division with say OU, UT, A&M, Mizzou, LSU , Ole Miss and State….that football travel schedule is way more favorable for natural rivalries and fan interest…. I think it helps football recruiting! I think it gives us a better chance to succeed……


You might have to wait for a reply. Clay is on a river in Wyoming.

He’s on vacation and will be back next week.

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I just wonder how Texas is ever gonna be able to suppress that super-sized ego enough to join the SEC?

Didn’t they get extra shares of revenue in Big12 because well… they were Texas? Didn’t they get special treatment and form their own network because well… they were Texas?

I wonder how they will ever face the reality that in the SEC they will just be another cog on the gear. No special treatment or extras. I sure hope, if this comes to pass and they join, that the SEC doesn’t see the Texas footprint as something it wants to the point they let them bargain for extras.

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Three more days to go! Last two days was on Wind River. This is pic from public access near Dubois where I fished yesterday. I was solo so don’t have fish pics - although the big cutthroat I hooked did not make it quite to net.

A nearby guide (not mine) was wading to me to offer help but I did not land it. Hook slipped out with it just 15 feet away.

Will fish the Miracle Mile of North Platte tomorrow.

Been winging it until now. Tomorrow will be with a guide from Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing.

Been trying to do “The Mile” for about 10 years. They tell me water levels and fishing from a drift boat are perfect.


Wow, Clay is missing out on all of the debate & fun conversation after the ut/OU announcement.

No doubt he is enjoying the peace & solitude of Wyoming. After he reads some of the posts, he may decide to not come back.


Bet Texas Coach Sark has some thoughts too. His job just became more difficult.

Had a good day on Miracle Mile of the North Platte near Casper, Wyoming on Friday. Some of these were just short of 24 inches. Will write about this next week.


Now that’s just rubbing it in, as if the scenery wasn’t enough. Carpe Diem. Is that joy in your face or exhaustion?



That nails it. I love how you attack living to your fullest. Family and friends included. Living large and enjoying nature.

Is it really that cold up there?

It was 60s at start. Then 75 through lunch. Sun came out around 2 pm. Warmed into 80s for last hour.

I had two thin layers. Took off one layer at lunch.

Now those are some nice trout!!