Clay: we can clearly see Felipe Franks is still re-living

Sep 16, 2019. THIS IS NOT “mentally” the Quarterback prior to that horrific injury. (And I cant blame him) He is turning down running lanes which is resulting in him attempting to pat the ball to sleep.

Kendal Briles even called some Quarterback runs to try to get him receptive to the idea of running the ball but he would instantly revert back to over-extending plays.

Unless its a direct hand-off to the running back every play in the Briles arsenal is a designed ®un §ass (O)ption for a (D)uel (T)hreat (Q)uarterback.

Ole Miss Coordinator Jeff Lebby was running a version of “THE BRILES OFFENSE” the past 3 games against Florida, Kentucky & Alabama.


I’ve thought the same thing. There was one play yesterday where Franks possibly could have turned upfield for a first down but instead beelined it for the sidelines. That looked for all the world like a guy who had his ankle trashed and has no desire to let it happen again, ever.


This is something I’m sure the opposing teams DEFENSIVE COORDINATORS have taken into account. He has yet to slide forward when a play breaks down but rather looks like a human “FOLDING CHAIR” every time he gets touched by a defensive player.

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Spot on assessment, my daughter and myself thought exactly the same thing ! I’m afraid there will come a time soon where this will cost us a win, I feel comfortable in saying there were at least 3/4 opportunities for him to have made a first down if he hadn’t been hesitant. I believe he would be better off to run instead of letting the opposition to gang tackle him and pile on. Hopefully he can get over this and start extending the plays and longer possessions if not scoring at least give the D a breather. By no means complaining just a observation. WPS

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I was watching when Franks got the horrible ankle injury. It reminded me of Joe Theismann’s gruesome leg fracture. I think most of us would think twice about turning up field.


No doubt I’m sure he thinks of it every time, but hopefully he can get over it as he could really become tough to defend. Injuries make you think twice before getting in harms way and I say that as my wife fell down our stairs 2 weeks ago and dislocated her ankle plus broke it in three places has us thinking of moving to a single level home. Injuries makes everyone stop and think. WPS

I think this is why we see the Hornsby/KJ packages. Not saying I agree with those calls, but with all the bodies banging around the goal-line, I’m sure the coaches see that Franks isn’t going to out run or rumble it in himself.

Like an above poster said, I’m not complaining at all. Can’t blame him really. But it does feel like we miss on some opportunities here and there. I wonder what adjustments might be made in the bye week. Will Kendall get away from those QB run calls? Will we see Hornsby/KJ maybe two or three plays per game for a different look?

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I agree he could be running more but has probably been told not too because Briles knows we have nobody behind him close to being able to play.

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His last run of the game was by far the hardest and fastest I’ve seen him run. I do agree with y’all’s comments.

From just a few games, I think our QB play now is far superior than we’ve had in years. If FelEipe is hesitant to run because of the lingering memory of a horrible injury, I will accept that and disregard criticism from fans who don’t even bother to spell his name right.


Maybe a little overreaction to one game where he perhaps didn’t play his best. His Auburn and MS St stats in his previous 2 weeks:

Auburn: 22 of 30 - 318 yds - 4 TDs - 0 INTs - QBR 88.3 (100 max)

MS ST: 20 of 28 - 212 yds - 2TDs - 0 INTs - QBR - 82.1

Let’s not forget, Feleipe was really beat up in that Auburn game. I imagine he was not 100% healthy for the OM game. And, unless I was dreaming, I believe we won the OM game with great defense while Franks had a very nice drive to pretty much cinch the 12 point win. Even on an off day, he still had over 200 passing yards in the midst of 20-30 mph winds. He certainly didn’t play like the OM QB and did enough for us to win the game.

I’ll bet after 2 weeks to heal, he’ll be back to his MS St & Auburn level of play as we beat A&M at Kyle field.

By the way, the average of those 2 game QBRs would put him 7th in the country. I have a hard time doing much critiquing of a QB playing at that level. Very few QBs in the country are going to do that in every game.

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Interesting that you chose to ignore the below post and refer to it as criticism but fire away.

LosOlasBoulevard said...

Like I said I can’t blame him one bit for being apprehensive, heck most of us wouldn’t bother touching a football again. But if its obvious to us the opposing DEFENSIVE COORDINATORS have definitely picked up on this and have adjusted.

I’d love to see what Franks can do if the Hogs add a running game. He’s had to do it all either passing or with his feet. He needs more help.

I’d probably worry about my ankle if I’d had that injury. I think the time he turned to stiff arm the guy and keep him off his ankle with a diving tackle attempt was a telling play. I can live with that because he out-played the Ole Miss quarterback for the most part. If the Hogs catch his passes, it’s a game the Hogs win going away in the third quarter. Burks gets a pass for his drop because of the one he caught. But others dropped some great throws. There is no excuse for the Boyd drop. That was the softest and easiest screen pass to catch. That play may have been a touchdown but for sure a 30-yard gain and about four minutes off the clock.

Franks won the game by limiting turnovers on a day when the wind blew 35. He had two. Matt Corral had seven.


I’m no athlete. Never was. At best I could pedal a lot of miles (century plus) but I had pretty bad tibia break this past April. A intermedullary nail was put in as my tibia was pretty much shattered. It has been a long recovery and I’m far from 100%. I can tell you there are a lot of things I think twice about doing. Franks deserves a lot of credit even being out there. I understand where you’re coming from on a few of those plays where turning it up field aggressively might have gained a first down.

I was not focusing on his performance this one game or his stats. I came to actually notice this in game 2.

I agree. Having him healthy is more important than running 10 times a game.

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I actually saw a number of head-first dives from Franks the first 2 games, fewer against Auburn, and hardly any yesterday. I’m betting that he’s been coached away from that. The only run yesterday that I’m sure the coaches would like to see a little different was coming to our sidelines on 3rd down. He stepped out 3 yards short when he likely could’ve made it. But, the expression on his face afterward made me think he was looking at the line of scrimmage marker as the line to gain.

I may be in the minority here, but I prefer the QB to continue to look down field for receivers when flushed instead of immediately looking for the first-down markets. You can usually get chunk plays as defenders start watching the QB run instead of their man.

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To me, he does not look like the athlete he was coming out of high school.

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I think that’s the one that looked like a beeline for the sidelines to me.

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Im sure Briles needs him to be more agile to open up the offense, has been pretty good in sandlot breakdown plays but he is not committed to the run when we need it from our QB. One very encouraging thing from the Meechegan recap was the Franks went under center comfortably, since we don’t then it must be on Briles. Power game under center is easier and more effective than shotgun, at least go pistol.

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