Clay was right

…as usual. Connor will not take another snap. Two more years of baseball…then he’ll turn pro.

Probably best for the baseball team. Probably best for Connor. We shall see if its best for the football program. hate to lose a talented QB.

I will go on record as predicting that by the time Chad’s son is a junior, and maybe as a sophomore…he will be the QB. And not due to nepotism.

Frankly, If I had a choice of a baseball or football career, I would choose baseball. The hall of famers I see from baseball are a lot more healthy than football guys.

Agree. I have a grandson that is a natural athlete. He loves football but my daughter and son in law will only let him play flag football. Which I support. He’s focusing on baseball and basketball. I worry about the long term heath issue with football. But I love watching the game. Figure that out.

My Grandson loves to play football and other sports as well. He is probably a better baseball player. I hope he settles for that if someday his talents were to take him to the college level. That probably will not happen, but who knows.

I took him to a Razorback baseball game last year. He sent word to Clay to inform coach DVH that he had committed to Arkansas (8 yrs. old). He takes that very seriously, but he said he thought the football team probably needs more help than the baseball team. He was right there!!!

Anyway, when you look at older football players you see all sorts of problems. It is not so much with baseball. Yet, I still enjoy watching the game. Go figure.

Don’t know the age of your grandson, but congrats on the kid being a good natural athlete.
I have always favored letting athletic kids play any and all sports they wish. What they are better at as a youngster may not be their natural best sport as they grow and mature.
Baseball was my 1st favorite sport, learning to play (throw and catch mostly) at a very early age before even in grade school yet and then playing summer ball thru Babe Ruth league & 1 year of America Legion as the sport wasn’t in the budget at the schools I attended, even in HS, (although they now have it). So obviously the coaching wasn’t the same at that point like in a school sponsored sport. But I continued playing football & basketball and eventually making All-State in both, but baseball was my first love of sports.

Back to the subject, Noland probably made the best choice for him and his future. Football QB just requires your 100% focus and attention at this level, in this league.
He gave both sports a shot and proved he could compete at a high level in both and that says a lot right there.

I believe Connor will sign a pro baseball contract before he could become a starter on the football team. It was a no brainer. It’s one thing to wait your turn behind Ben Hicks. Another to add Nick Starkel the next year. By then, Connor would been a weekend starter three years and drafted – and likely signed.

Lol I was the first to say that, but who cares…