Clay was right

Tiger did not putt as we have seen him putt in the past. Cost him some strokes on the front. But OMG when you hit irons like he did today it takes a lot of pressure off that flat stick. He just shaped shot after shot after shot. Incredible control.

Tiger avoided the double bogey’s. That’s what he accomplished. The par 4 - 5th hole he finished the week playing that one hole +4 with a bogey every round.
On 14 also a Par 4 he made birdie from the trees Thursday and Friday. And par Saturday. Today he had 4 bogeys and 6 birdies but he keep his ball dry through Amen Corner. He made shots when he had too but he sure could have scored better than what he did. He played smart today and got a little lucky. The tee shot on the Par 3 16th hole that hit the ridge and came back down the slope to gummies birdie range was the hole that he took charge on.
I didn’t like his play on the opening 9! He got it done but he didn’t have any wiggle room. I’m glad he won and hope he is able to beat Jack’s 18 major victories!

Luck had nothing to do with how he shaped those irons. Simply incredible golf.

His iron play may have been good but it wasn’t great. He missed the bowl on 14! That cost him a birdie and he missed the iron on 1. He wasn’t real sharp at times and was avoided a bad Miss but he has been better in the past.

I pull for Tiger. I am not sure why, but I do. I did. I did not think he’d win another major because there are others really good now. But he has so much more knowledge of how to play Augusta National than the young ones. Some young ones went after the sucker pin at 12. He did not.

Tiger had more club head speed with driver than I’ve seen lately from him. I bet that back is sore today.

What he did this week that surprised me was hit the driver both directions. He’d been hitting a cut for control of late. But he had a high draw, too, this week. That’s a must at Augusta.

I don’t know if his back will hold up a lot longer, but it did this week.

Amazing stuff.

I had fun watching every bit of it Sunday. I was glad they started early because I was monitoring the baseball game for our site, too. Perfect timing.

I’m a big Tiger fan. Just love to watch him play

Its good for golf when Tiger does well.

All those young guns grew up idolizing Tiger and wanted to play him at his best but the truth is he won The Masters without his best. In his prime he would have run away with the win by Saturday because his putting was adequate but not the same man that once made 598 putts of three feet or less in a row. No one has ever putted under pressure like Tiger in his prime years. That only underscores just how great he once was when he can win with his B plus game relative to the early 2000’s.

People forget that he made a lot of really good golfers look pretty average in his prime.

Every tournament he was in was must see viewing

I miss those days. These new guys have not caught my interest like Tiger did

I think it was around the 13 or 14th hole. They had a closeup of Tiger as it looked like he popped a pill in his mouth and then took a swallow of some kind of pink looking gatorade like stuff to wash down the pill. With his surgeries, age, wear and tear etc. I bet he is relying on Advil (or something stronger) a lot to get through a round.

Tiger’s win at Augusta yesterday is one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of this great game. I am a Tiger fan, but I just did not see him winning another major after 11 years. The Masters is on a course that requires a lot of knowledge about the nuances of the course, particularly the greens. He had a real advantage on most of the competitors, but he still had to hit the shots. It was an exciting day to be a golf fan.

In my view, the tournament was decided on 12. Poulter, Koepka, Finau, and Molinari all hit their tee shot into Rae’s creek. They all double bogeyed. Tiger went from two back to tied for the lead. He hit his tee ball on 12 where you have to hit it…on a line at the middle of the front bunker. He pulled his 9 iron, but he managed to two putt and leave with par.

The game was on then after 12, and Tiger just played very well after 12.

As Nick Faldo said on CBS, “Tiger has run down his prey and now is going for the kill”. Brutal, but true.

As someone with chronic back problems, it thrills me to see Tiger overcome four surgeries and rise to the top of the game again.

I am not a big Tiger fan, mostly because of his unforced errors in life. I do respect him and his game and tremendous skills. Must admit, I had some tears in my eyes yesterday. Very happy for him.

I’m part of that “generation” they kept talking about yesterday, the one that loves golf because of Tiger. I was glued to my TV Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of the hour we spent at church. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had watching sports in a long time.

I watched Tiger’s post-tournament presser on YouTube last night and he admitted he was sore. Advil wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

His short-putting was not as good as I’ve seen it, but man, he was sharp in the 10-30 foot range. Speed was just about perfect, which is always a key at ANGC even as soft as the course was. And even with that you have to dial it back from the normal putting down a marble staircase to putting down a carpeted staircase. It’s still a lot faster than anything we mortals have to putt on.

The key putts were the lag putts. He was spot on in his lag putting. The two-putt that he made at No. 9 was off the charts special. To get it close from 50 feet there is unbelievable. You can leave it 30 feet short very easily and you can also knock it off the green very easily. He lagged it to six inches. I think that first putt at No. 9 was as big a putt as any he made. It gave him confidence, too.

I’ve heard him talk about his putting. His dad instilled in him one thought just before he pulls the putter back – victory.

ESPN reported that Sunday from 9:00 am to the tournament’s end had 21% of all TV’s in the US glued to the broadcast… that number is outrageously good.

Tiger is like the Cowboys … you either love em or hate em but either way you’re interested.

I can’t bring myself to root for him - been on Team Phil for way too long - but I’m interested and respect the Hell out of him for what he’s accomplished and the way he’s come back.

Tiger was first in strokes gained approach to the green. His iron play was incredible.

That putt on No. 9 you’re talking about had me on the edge of my seat until it stopped! And then I think I stood up and fist pumped. You’re right, it had to be hit perfect to end up where it did. It looked like it was going to come to a stop at about the halfway point, then it picked up speed again on the slope and kept going.

I don’t watch much golf on TV, but I was glued to it all morning on Sunday.

Tiger is absolutely great at distance control with his irons. No now is any better. Hogan was like that, too. But did not putt as good as Tiger.

I’m told Tiger did wonderful with crappy equipment for years. Nike clubs and balls were sub standard. Tiger gold someone recently when Tiger went out of golf business couple of years ago the 20 tour pros using that stuff gaine on average 14 yards with all their shots. He uses Bridgestone golf balls. They are good.

I’m a Titeliest guy. Just trust that ball to act right around the green. I had always heard Nike stuff was crap and wondered why Tiger used it. Phil Mickelson made fun of guys who used bad equipment. He said he’d gladly accept the advantage he got for playing Callaway.