Clay was right about the purge...

Are we gonna have enough guys to field a team? How many have left who have eligibility remaining, counting the latest, Pettway? This is what I call a “house cleaning”. Most of our 29 new signees are going to have to get on the field. If you come to Fayetteville, be ready to strap it on…

Not to speak badly of any of the ones who left/are leaving, but I can’t think of one so far that I thought was making a mistake by looking for greener pastures. We may lose a bunch of games next year, but it won’t be because the same guys are out there losing the same way. That’s been made pretty obvious. You either step up or you step out.

They will have 85 on scholarship - just the same as last year to start with and the same all the other NCAA Division I schools do.

To get 29 in and change the direction of program, some 14 had to be purged - be it their decision or the staff’s.

Nothing new other than it is such a large number.

But 2-10 and 6 wins out of 26 games invites the purge.

After seeing Pettway in the spring game last year, I thought he might really become an outstanding go-to receiver, but it didn’t happen. I don’t know if it was because of him, the quarterbacking or the coaching. He just didn’t do what I thought he might.