Clay, too early to retire

Aloha Clay,

You may want to consider delaying any plans on retirement. It appears the UA is on the cusp of a major athletic Renaissance. Great facilities and stellar coaches in place. NWA is booming. All programs trending upwards. Baseball and Track programs ranked Number One. Basketball and other sports in the Top Ten.

Fans can’t wait for the next season to be begin…may it be football, basketball or any of the Fall or Winter sports. When was the last time there was this much excitement and anticipation on the Hill?

The “Campus of Champions” is about to add banners galore this decade. Perhaps the greatest decade in UA athletics history is dawning right in front of our eyes. A great time to be a proud Razorback!


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Did Clay say something about retirement?


If I remember correctly, he stated he is currently looking at full time fishing within the next three years.


I have made no plans to retire. So that’s news to me.

I fish just enough now. A few hours now and then is about right.



Really. Too close to April 1st for scary stories.

I could see Clay on his hotspot sitting around a campfire in his waders sending of a fish story about the one that got away? Nope, work and fishing is illegal activity.


Unintended consequences here…The point of the story was the start of a magnificent Renaissance of the UA Athletic Program. The “Campus of Campions”. Within the past few months, Clay wrote a couple of lines about retiring in a few years…apparently in jest. So I tied the two together and used Clay’s future retirement as a teaser. Well, that really worked well! HA! Good news for all of us, Clay has no intentions of retiring in the next few years. He will be here to share with us all of the great stories of the UA’s Renaissance!!


Guy, I knew what you were doing. No harm no foul.

Jean Ann got a new car yesterday. I’m going to have to keep working. She picked out a nice one.

There are a lot of good things happening.

I got my second vaccine today. So soon I should feel free to move about.

I am looking forward to seeing Saturday scrimmage.


Glad you’re all vacinned up. We received our second dose yesterday. I’m ready to hit the road. Really want to make the spring game.

Today was two weeks from my second vaccination. I’m still taking precautions, but I feel much more comfortable.



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Pfizer for me…


Wife and I received our second Pfizer today.


Clay, to keep you happy/healthy and working - I would be glad to host your crew anytime for fishing world-class Crappie (we call them Sac-A-Lait down here) at Toledo Bend…

Be careful, Bayouhog, that sounds like a great idea. I know they eat good no matter the name of that fish. I believe crappie is the best eating of our fresh water fish, walleye next. Catfish is a distant third, but I do like catfish.

Agree with you on the crappie eatin Clay.

crappie is my fav of local fish. In wisconsin, they have some great perch. Friday night fish fries up there are fantastic. also agree on walleye, man that’s a nice fish.


When I moved to NOLA in 83 I found out quickly that crappie was Sac-A-Lait down there. Those folks loved my South Arkansas pronunciation of Sac-A-Lait…

Yes, Pfizer for me. And I just saw this today. That protection against the South Africa variant is a bonus that was unknown for a while.

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