Clay...the Alpha today was


No question.

I know this board loves Macon. And well it should. He’s a LR kid playing well.
But there are two Alpha’s on this team. Macon AND Barford. Macon was leading scorer and hit some dagger 3’s and buried his FT’s. But Barford made some pivotal plays too. They BOTH have to play great for the Hogs to be very good.

And Gafford is Coming…kinda like Winter…

You are right about the alpha dogs today.
Bardford did it on both ends. Macon may have scored more points but this team can’t win unless they both impact the game.
Gafford was key also. This win shows heart !

It takes five to win. I recognize that neither Thomas nor Cook are ever going to be superstars but their contributions today on the d end particularly late in the game shouldn’t be overlooked

I thought Macon, Barford and Cook looked like top 5 judo players they were advertised to be last year. They were really good today.