Clay that was an Awesome article on Kjerstad

loved every word of it…can’t get enough Baseball right now!


Its clear that Clay loves baseball.
Great read. Love seeing all the baseball articles

When I was growing up I worked on my Uncle’s cattle ranch during the summers, and he used Hesston hay equipment. He had a VHS tape from his dealer with a Hesston baler commercial on it, and at one point there is a cow moving her mouth and audio dubbed in saying “Hesston KNOWS hay”. This season every time Heston has gotten a hit I’ve turned to my fiancee and said Heston KNOWS baseball. Pretty funny now to read that that’s partially where his name came from. That’s a good story about what seems like a good kid.

Thanks. I grew up around minor league baseball. I played through one year of American Legion. Mostly I was a catcher. I decided at 17 my future was in golf for college and not baseball. That was tough because my first love was baseball.

I can’t remember the age (maybe 6-7) but first time to be paid to work was at Ray Winder Field. I was the helper for Reno the Ball Man. I caught the balls which rolled back down the screen behind home plate. My dad was official scorer in the press box above the stands. He gave me thumbs up on my catches. I’m told I never dropped one or he was prepared to give thumbs down for an error. I did that until about age 10 when I graduated to selling popcorn in stands. That made more money. I got $1 a game to help Reno. I think you could make $15 selling popcorn.

Later I was bat boy for the visiting team. I remember the biggest tips were from the Albuquerque Dodgers. That was Steve Garvey, Bill Russell and Ron Cey. They got called up in August and never came back.