Clay - Strength and Conditioning?

When CBB was hired, one of the things you were excited about was the S&C program that Herb was bringing.

I think I remember you saying just wait until you see the players after 3 - 4 years in the program. It would be different than what we saw with previous coaches.

In your opinion, have you seen the progress you thought you were going to see?

Have you see anything that surprised you?

I think I’m surprised by the lack of strength in the OL and DL. We got pushed around way to often.

Nice question. Looking forward to hearing his take on it.

In support of the question, our players in the combine (for the most part) seem not to test very well in relationship to their position. The staff phrases the conditioning program but the results on the field and combine bring it into question.

The players who have stayed in the program and lifted with Herbert in the winter after finishing at Arkansas have tested just fine. It’s the players who have gone away and lifted with a trainer somewhere else that have not tested as well. I think if you look at Hunter Henry and Denver Kirkland, that was the case. Henry came back to Arkansas and lifted with Herbert and did well on pro day. Denver had a bad shoulder and should have never gone out and I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t test well.

I didn’t like anything about the way the lines played this year, but the older players in the offensive line were alright in regards to strength. There wasn’t one fifth-year player in the O-line. There was one four-year player, Skipper. He did fine. So did Ragnow. No one aside from Skipper was beyond three years. Gibson got with it in the last two months and fit in with what Herbert tried to give him, and he blossomed.

Defensively, Deatrich Wise was making the kind of gains strength wise in his arms that made him look like a beast in the spring. Then, he broke a hand and had an AC join separation that robbed him of his ability to lift and his strength disappeared. Jeremiah Ledbetter was a two-year man, but did benefit greatly from Herbert’s program.

I think the overall look of the defensive line was not what I would have expected. That’s the one area that I just didn’t understand this season as far as strength and bulk. It wasn’t there. The defensive line did not control the line of scrimmage in very many games. Certainly, they didn’t play well in many of the second halves of the key games late.

I’m interested to hear what Bielema institutes in his revision of the program. I don’t know how much of it is strength and conditioning related, but I bet some of it is.

Now, I know this, they have to get more speed on the field. Strength and size is important, but in the SEC, speed is the area that is MOST important. I know a weight program should enhance speed. But starting with raw speed is a better way to do it.

I think it’s interesting when you hear what Bama did over the off season last year. Their defensive line shed some pounds to get faster but they don’t seem to have any problems with strength after shedding some weight. I’m not convinced on Herbert yet; not against his program but I haven’t really seen anything that WOW’s me, except for that hype video. Unfortunately, that didn’t really translate to on the field production.

You can be a monster in the weight room, but thats no gurantee that it will transfer over to the field. We just had some guys that were not good at their position as well as terrible allignment by the Defense coaches didn’t help it…

Agree! I’m great on the driving range. Not so much on the course. But I saw us get pushed around a lot. I understand technique comes into play but I see us get pushed around. Just not sold on Herbert as all that.

i understand we need speed and strengH WE ALSO NEED A LOT OF QUICKNESS FROM OUR INTERIOR LINE AND OUR LINEBACKERS Getting to the running back and to the quarterback