Clay request for you

Hey, I know you will try and catch everything today but can you look at RT and see how Brian Wallace is looking?

Also, it seems like Merrick is starting to improve, but can you see if it looks like he is ready to make a move, not to another position but move up the depth chart ?

Last Mr. Devwah Whaley, how is he looking?

Thank you

Got it. Should have seen that without a request.

Brian Wallace had a nice day against a good player. He was opposite McTelvin Agim in the 1 vs. 1 stuff. Held his own after the first play. Actually, I’d say that he had a pretty good day against Agim. But, and this is a big but, the defensive ends were not stunting, slanting or moving. It was 100 percent base, with no movement up front. The OL should have handled the front three in that situation and did. As far as Devwah Whaley, he looked terrific. He looks quicker than last year and perhaps faster. He’s in a good battle with Rawleigh Williams. They split time today and I’d think both are among the better backs in the SEC. I didn’t notice Merrick having any real problems, but he does not appear to be among the best players in the offensive front. I want to see him again before saying too much more than that. We sometimes want offensive linemen to be THE guy right off the bat. In truth, it usually takes quite some time for even the best offensive line to turn into complete players.