Clay: Questions for you on Chavis

In another thread you said you were surprised some had concerns about Chavis at DC. While I agree he has a wonderful reputation dating back to his time at Tennessee, his defenses at A&M have not lived up to his past reputation. They have given up more PPG each year since he’s been there (28 PPG this year) and this Aggie defenses is ranked 81st in the country. Below average statistically.

Are you truly not concerned at all that his defenses have been regressing in his recent past? In your mind does his well deserved reputation from years ago completely outweigh what he’s done most recently in the SEC West?

If he is the man Morris selects I will support him, but I’m having trouble looking past his performance at A&M.

Obviously not Clay, but I had the same concern. I went inside the numbers of his time at LSU and A&M. Total defense comparison was alarming. I know enough about defense to realize that your offense has an impact on your defense. When I looked at the numbers I realized the impact was greater than I realized. The A&M defense had almost 200 more plays per season. That is almost 3 extra games of offense they had to face. My point is it’s not really apples to apples comparing defenses of ball control and full tilt boogie offenses. I’ve watched a lot of SMU tape and whoever the DC is has their work cut out from them.
I’m just a guy that probably knows a little more than the average fan about the game. I would really like to hear from those with more knowledge about the impact of a teams offensive philosophy on attracting defenses coaches. If I was a DC I might have to ponder the reality of going where my defense might be subject to 150-200 more plays than your average team.

It’s the curse of every up tempo, no huddle offense. Clemson and Auburn come close to presenting the solution: fast, talented and extremely aggressive defenses.

What both Clemson and Auburn have is elite D-Lines. When you have that the HUNH QB has to perform at an extremely high level. Most schools that run a HUNH do not conversely have that type of D-Line to match with their Offense.

LSU was happy for him to go and be able to hire Aranda.

Chavis has dropped to middle of the pack or worst for a few years by opinionated ranking, have not seen anything pertinent to now but SDS had him 8th while we had Robb Smith. … -to-first/

In 2016, seccountry had Chavis starting year at #1 but has since dropped. … rs-in-2016

looking over lots of info there is a gestalt that Chavis is not top tier DC any more, more from stagnation it seems is suggested. Who knows? there are bundles of fire that would seem to match Coach Morris but maybe he needs something polar opposite?

I believe Clay had said why not Chavis, so I had to look it up. Was Chavis a great DC that helped LSU, or was LSU a good defensive school that helped Chavis?

So, I went to ESPN and looked at Total Defense. Between 04-08 (it doesn’t go back any further) TN’s rankings jumped all over the place under Chavis. In 07, he was 99th, in 08 he was 3rd. For those five seasons (04, 05, 06, 07, 08) TN avgd 45th. During that same time period LSU avgd 12th. At LSU (09-15) Chavis avgd 13th. His high mark was 2nd, his low was 35th. At aTm, his defense avgd 63rd, LSU avgd 9th over the same three seasons.

Looking at the actual numbers, to me it looks a lot more like LSU’s defense made John Chavis, not the other way around. Plus, much like the rumors of Jimbo at FSU and Petrino here, Chavis doesn’t like to recruit. If Morris hires him, it’ll be a colossal mistake.

I blame it on the culture established by the head coach and the zoo that was A&M under Sumlin.