clay question about our defensive alignment

i was very impressed by our defenses thursday! very quick and aggressive but their is one thing that has me concerned when we are facing a no TE set and they are in 2 and 3 wr sets we are aligning our DE on the inside eye of the OT which puts us in a 3 -2 front…the problem with this with alignment the DE is very easily reached and allows the outside zone run the break outside very easily before the LB can get there,FAMU burned us on this from their Goalline when they run a stretch play and got about 8 very easily…

I am not sure why we are not lining our DE head up so he can have a chance to work off the block and get outside…but if we keep lining him up in a 1 technique he is going to get down blocked every time! ask why we are doing this…I never ever see this from any defenses I block becasue the DE “HAS” to set the edge and no way he can do that from that alignment. Thanks

That is a great question! I was thinking something similar. I do not have the technical expertise that you do, but I would like to know too.

I am sure its to help inside for the dive in c gap but we got gashed around the edges last yr and if we line up in a 1 technique you cant get any easier block for a OT than that! and it becomes a race for the LB to beat the RB outside and it can be done but last night FAMU very easily blasted a outside run for 8yds the danger in this is the WR’s run off your outside support and if the LB doesn’t get him he’s off to the races for huge gains…

youdaman, Tolliver said in the story that was posted today that the outside linebackers were setting the outside edge - could that be the reason that the defensive ends were lined up tighter?

well it looks like the outside LB’s really are inside lined on the OG’s so it will be a sprint to see if he can get there before the RB…going to be tough IMO,but we will see.

The end – the down linemen as in Sosa and T. J. Smith are lined up opposite tackles. The Hog OLB will be on the tight end side, opposite the TE. This is an “eye” read 3-4, that is really like the old fashioned 5-2. Many times you saw it exactly like the old 5-2. The ends are going to be lined up opposite the tackles, and they don’t have the edge in this scheme. The outside linebackers and nickel back have the edge. I think it’s exactly the way I heard described as what is played across the SEC and in the NFL, that exact technique played by the DEs that you are confused about. The outside linebackers are playing the edge, not the DEs. They are really tackles.

I guess what I’m talking about clay as one the offense was in 2 and 3 wide we were aligning our defensive end or tackle if u will inside eye of the offensive tackle which it makes it very easy for him to down block or reach him. I watch Bama last night I don’t think I ever saw them get in that alignment. I’m just fearful that are outside linebackers which looked to me like their head above the guards can get out there fast enough but I guess we will see

I got it the very first time you typed it. That’s not their concern. The outside linebackers have that edge. The ends are not in contain. They aren’t really ends. I understand reach. I have known what a reach block was since the eighth grade. I got reached a lot. They are not giving up the edge. They have two players wider than the defensive end. He’s really a tackle. That part you may not get. It’s a 5-2. You have two linebackers, two corners and two safeties that should be outside that defensive end (really a tackle). It’s numbers. He’s not the outside man. You set him up wider than that tackle, they will run inside and pound those two inside linebackers. I saw where they lined up. I understand why they do it.

Careful, Clay. Youda knows a lot more football than almost everyone. He’s an OL coach. Has forgotten more football than many of us will ever know.

sent you a PM Clay.