Clay - Paul Rhoads, DC

Clay, what are your thoughts on Paul Rhoads? I was very happy with the changes he made in the secondary. We played more sound than we have in years, had some press coverage and it is looking up.

I am really excited to have him and thought he was the perfect match for Coach B. I am of the opinion that Coach B hired Coach Rhoads with the thought of moving him to DC at some point.

Thanks a lot.

I think everyone realized that Paul would be a good backup plan as a DC when he was hired last spring. I’m sure that Bret Bielema knew that, although I am sure he thought it would be more of a case that Robb Smith had a good year and would be coveted by others instead of like it all went down.

As a head coach, you are always thinking about your next move at multiple areas. You better have backup plans in your mind.

I’m told that Paul was a very hard worker on this defensive staff and showed his value in many areas in the last 11 months at Arkansas. It should not be a surprise that he was promoted when the opening took place. I also don’t think it’s a bad thing that others were looked at, too. You always want to look at all of your options.

It’s all happened in a pretty fast manner, to be honest. I thought it might take a bit longer.