Clay or Matt

What Is your opinion of what the Oline will look like for starting the Auburn game?

I think it will be similar to the look of the Alabama game, unless someone is injured in practice and can’t play.

The combination Arkansas played against Alabama looked like the one that gives it the best chance to win, although I think Ragnow is better at center than at guard. I’d be surprised if it changed this week.

Another board released the depth chart. It had Gibson, Froholdt, Rogers, Ragnow, and Wallace. I thought when the line really started looking halfway decent last week that Wallace was out and Ramirez was in. Did I see it wrong? Was the line mentioned the better line?

A couple of things:

That is the official Arkansas depth chart that you are referencing. Wallace was an either/or with Ramirez last week and now is listed as the starter. The coaches saw something from him that propelled him past Ramirez.

I didn’t notice much difference between Wallace and Ramirez. I think Ramirez was in on the only touchdown drive, but that was after a lot of Alabama starters had been substituted.