Clay or Dudley. .. goal line play with Starkle

What was the play that Starkle was injured on. I am not sure if it was Chuck Barrett or the TV guys, but someone said it was an inside screen play. That can’t be correct. Who would call a screen pass with 8 defenders in the middle of the line. I didn’t see any of the wide receivers any where in the middle. Can you ask at tomorrow’s pc what was the call?

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The pass was to Boyd and he was knocked flat before ball got to him— not sure why pass interference not called

OK, I’m being nit-picky here, but his name is Starkel. :innocent:

#8 Woods was in the mix. I forgot to record the game so I couldn’t go back and review. The sports news last night showed the play, but not the entire play. Woods’ #8 flashed on the screen. I thought I saw him get knocked down in the live play just in front of the the spot where the pass went.

Maybe someone who recorded the game can look at that play in slow motion and see if Woods wasn’t near there. Maybe on the ground

Ok, that makes more sense than Woods being in there. It must have been #5 I saw on the ground instead of #8. Thanks,

Because Boyd was behind the offensive line and the line of scrimmage, no pass interference.

It was an inside screen. I see teams run that on the goal line. So I don’t question the call.