Clay, or anyone, question on Agim

Do you believe Sosa’s long term position will be as Ledbetter’s replacement? Or, do you see a “slightly slimmed down” Agim as Wise’s replacement at DE the next 2 years?

Looking at the roster, it seems to my untrained eye, that we have somewhat ready-made replacements for Ledbetter and Johnson in Bijhon and Capps. I’m not certain I see a ready-made replacement for Wise at DE without a considerable drop-off. It seems to me that Agim, with 10-15 fewer pounds, could be an instant replacement for Wise the next 2 years. If he can maintain that weight and quickness, it seems to me that DE would be his NFL position also.

There is thought that Agim could play either positions. I do know that both are important positions. Will Agim continue to add solid weight? Not sure. That’s probably the part that is wait and see. I’ve always thought the toughest position to find is the three technique (or the weakside tackle). If Agim can play that, I’m not sure you move him (unless redshirt Briston Guidry, coming off knee surgery, is better). I do not know the thoughts on Michael Taylor, the juco defensive end. I do know he’s practicing with the team (as Wiz asked about recently). That was confirmed. I do not know if he’s a ready-made replacement for Wise or not. There are other defensive end candidates on the freshmen roster. Jonathan Marshall and Guidry might fit that mold, or could play the three technique and free up Agim to play end. I like those four young linemen in Austin Capps, Agim, Guidry and Marshall.

Thanks for the note on Taylor, Clay.

I am very hopeful about our defensive line. I think CBB and co. are doing well on the recruiting front there.