Clay, or anyone, I'm curious about two players that

I have heard almost nothing about. Tauren Carter and Enoch Jackson. I know with no practice it may be hard to figure out. Just wondering if you might have " heard" anything on these two?

You can see their official bio at the link above. Both from the same school, Mansfield (TX) Legacy, class of 2019.

Bad timing, pisa…Clay posted a day or two ago that he’s going to be off on some personal time the next week or so.

A source that sees them on a regular basis said they look “awesome”.

They’re working extremely hard and are loving the staff.

The person said TC is so happy.

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Thanks Richard, very encouraging.

Thanks, Richard. Glad to hear this. I am hopeful these
two will be major contributors to our Razorback family.

They will be factors soon. They need practice time to prove themselves. Hard for a defensive lineman to show out until they put on pads.

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