Clay on why Jordan Jones has been the star of fall camp so far

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Great article on Jones. My question is how is he on routes other than the post. His speed in the post is great, but how is he on the other routes where he can set up the bomb?

Allen said he’s great on the entire route tree. He’s executing the whole package. He’s going to be special.

Thanks, Clay.

That’s a good question. I went back and added the quote from Austin to expand on your very thought.

I’ve been saying for a while now that we needed speed. This may be the one to make the difference at least on offense.

Can someone describe an “over the top” touchdown pass, and why doing it is so impressive? Thanks.

Fairly certain they are talking about a straight go pattern - Jones blew by the CB or S and the QB lofted the ball “over the top” of the defense.

Over the top means post pattern. Down the field. Over the top of the defense. Don’t know what group he was going against.

Another way to describe it, forever that was called “the bomb.” Now, over the top seems to be the most used phrase.

Hope to hear this phrase all season “Allen goes deep”, if we do our RBs will be better also you would think. Starting to get somewhat optimistic about our season but we need some more guys to start stepping their game up and becoming a difference maker. WPS

I think it is a blessing in disguise that Jared takes a break to heal and these guys get more reps. Jared is proven in this offense.

Thanks. In the words of Bill Cosby in the huddles in the streets of New York, “you go long.”

Agreed. The more reps these guys get, the better chemistry they develop with Austin. Obviously the way Austin organized and took charge in summer drills helps, too.

Jordan was much better and more consistent the first three days than he was in the spring. And I think it sounds like the staff has big plans for T.J. Hammonds. Both of those guys have the ability to produce explosive plays.

It’ll be interesting to see how Brandon Martin progresses. Sounds like he’s made some big plays but has to keep getting better with the playbook.

A legit speed guy opens up an offense to a different level, because the safeties have to respect that. Our TE’s have to be salivating at the thought of being isolated with LB’s.

BigChop I remember how much it helped our offense and BA 2 years when Dominique Reed’s speed drew Safeties over and opened up Hunter Henry. Jordan Jones can do the same and probably better as he appears to be fully committed.

This a group that should allow us to play plenty of 3 wides that are dangerous. It is amazing how a team that is incorrectly considered 3 yards a cloud of dust can recruit through that noise to bring in this kind of talent. Michael Smith is a solid WR coach, BA and AA have been very good QB’s and Enos is a stud OC. Kids are starting to see that playing in a pro-style offense will improve your chances of getting into the NFL.

Nance, Martin and Cross are adding some competition that may make Pettway and Stewart reach a higher level. I want to see Pettway break out.

Jared Cornelius, Sr., 5-11, 212
Deon Stewart, So., 5-11, 164
Jordan Jones, R-Fr., 6-1, 184
TJ Hammonds
La’Michael Pettway, So., 6-2, 216
Jonathan Nance, Jr. ,6-2, 187
Brandon Martin, So., 6-4, 215
Gary Cross…may be the steal of the class.

I wouldn’t sleep on Koilan Jackson and Jarrod Barnes, either. Both of them have the kind of talent that is going to be hard to keep off the field.

Someone asked me earlier today if they were just trying to light a fire under Cornelius. No, that’s not it. Jordan Jones has been every bit as good as they hoped when he came to school. He’s a rare talent. He’s committed to being a rare talent, too. He’s going to be a special player.

I hope we can RS both of them.