Clay on the blitz

Clay writes on the pressure Arkansas plans to bring this season. … tz-coming/

I may be totally wrong by thinking this but just practicing against a blitzing defense, as opposed to the defenses we’ve run the last few years, could help our offense see a drop in sacks allowed. Maybe our own QB’s got too used to having all day to pass. It’s just a thought. Woo Pig!

That works both ways. Helps offense, too.

I thought I saw our QB’s running for their lives.

Other than seeing both lines recognize where to go and what to do lining up against different formations it’s really hard to know how good they actually are or aren’t. With a weak O- line and D-line practicing against each other it’s impossible to know how much improvement has been achieved I would think. I don’t think there’s but one way to go and that’s up,just from reading the articles by our sports writers the biggest think that stands out to me is that our players seems to have more confidence in themselves and each other and their coaches. As a fan I’m starting to feel more confident also which I didn’t at this time last year, I hope CCM is the answer ! WPS

The players are confident in their coaches. They were ready for a change. Losing makes you ready. The players are hungry and have bought in. That’s a good start.

I do know that all around the SEC there are great coaches and great players. So you probably didn’t pass anyone in the last six months with new coaches and a different conditioning system. You may have avoided losing more ground.

The way to catch these teams is to bring in better players and it appears that’s happening.

I could see a change in Austin Allen’s attitude and demeanor during the course of last year’s football season. Austin was a good quarterback but he was completely demoralized by the end of the season. He was a lot better than his stats.

There has to be an improvement this year, has to be.