Clay on Latest Podcast

You are sending music to my ears sort of like George Strait when you spent almost 5 min. talking about the development of the Oline and how you see it over the next year or two. That was part of my hope when Sam came along.

Certainly takes more than just a strong Oline to win in the SEC or any league, but it is almost impossible to win without one. Seems too many people overlook that for the glory boys, but the glory boys cannot do their thing without those guys up front. One of Lou’s many true statements was that it is very difficult to throw well from the prone position.


Now for the defensive line.

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I must have missed that podcast anybody got a link.

I haven’t listened to it yet, but I assume this is what he was referring to.

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Yes, that is it

Thanks I appreciate it…will listen to it

That was a Great podcast. Clay was spot on this offensive line this year played very well because they had played so well together they had experience which is vital to an offensive line to have… we were not able to physically manhandle teams like Sam wants to…

There will be a time in the near future coming to where we’re going to be able to tell you where we’re going to run the ball and you’re not going to be able to stop it that’s when it will become fun .Experience will always play a key role on the OL because it is the epitome of teamwork, all it takes is one person to mess up in the play is over, takes everybody being on the same page and that just takes time and repetition… I’m excited for the future of the OL because I can see where Sam is going with this group, it will look just like Georgia’s, Big Strong and Nasty three Great words if you’re an OL coach…

I think the development of the offensive line in practice will help the development of the defensive line. One usually follows along with the other.

That is what is needed. 3rd or 4th and 1 and everybody knows the ball is coming on the right B gap for at least 1.5 yds or more and there is nothing you can do about it. Stack that gap with all 11 if you dare (please do and that is the beauty of that type line), but we are still gaining 1.5 yds. Too bad!

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Gotta love it.

Jim has always expressed this as the reflection of a big boy line.

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