Clay on Isaiah Campbell's bounce-back performance

Wes Johnson showed Campbell his highlights Monday morning. Then Blaine Knight and Kacey Murphy escorted their friend to the bullpen before the game. … ing-video/

Thanks Clay, a nice piece. I’ve kept my eye on Isaiah this year to see how he reacts to a bad outing. I’ve noticed that good outing or bad outing he is a great teammate. After getting pulled in the 1st inning last week he led out in cheering on his team and greeting the guys returning to the dugout. That goes a long way with me and I know it does the same for his teammates. I observed him that day particiipating in the celebration after the game big time.

Isaiah has the ability to be really good and get time in the show. Last nigh’s outing was a great start to that goal.

I thought he was very sharp had the best of anybody all weekend he can be very dominant just needs to find out how to be that way consistently he gets a lot of credit for getting us off to a good start.

Throwing up a zero in the first inning was huge. It allowed the bats to get going. And then to follow that with another zero kept the Gamecocks at bay long enough to cause them to start doubting if they could win.

It’s never been about Campbell’s stuff! He needs confidence and the reps. Given time to get his body back in top shape he can be dominant and be able to hit the 90 to 100 pitch mark and maintain command.
The arm has to get the work and he needs time! I’m hoping he comes back next year and has a dominant season and goes on the first round.
There are several good teammates on this year hogs roster. They seems to get along and support each other. That’s what it’s all about.
Let’s hope Campbell has a good CWS as well as all of our hogs!

I think missing last season was tough on Isaiah. And he developed some tenderness in his arm just a few weeks in the season. I believe he will have a great junior season next year. I think you will also see some of the young guns deliver big time next year. Kole Ramage and Bryce Bonnin are my bets to step up. I think his performance last night will be viewed as a breakout moment when we look back in a few years. He’s still considered one of the brightest prospects on this team by the scouts.

How much might we see Bonnin in Omaha?

I think Campbell should do the “Benitendi” and stay in Fayetteville for the summer and work on getting healthy and pitching technique. He along with Bonin’s arm could be very big for our team next year. If a couple of starting pitchers can just get good enough to eat innings our offense may still be able to be a power house with a basis of Heston and Casey.

When it comes to offense I wouldn’t leave Fletcher out! He will have a bounce back season next year! Heston and Casey will impact but they won’t have to do it alone.