Clay on Austin Allen

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We aren’t going to run enough to beat Alabama. I’m not sure even a 100% Allen and a great percentage passing will beat them. But, if we rely on passing, Allen’s arm is going to be super sore coming out after halftime after a first half of slinging it. Given our third quarter woes, that will be something I’d be watching very carefully. I don’t have an answer. I like Allen if he can throw the ball. He is the best QB. I also don’t like throwing Kelley or Storey to the wolves in T-town. But, this is one of those games where we have to be able to use our full arsenal and if the arsenal is lacking the deep & hard throws, we are in trouble.

We are probably not going to hear anything definite on Austin’s chances to play this week. I am guessing that he’s going to be announced as “day to day” all the way to kickoff. But, I think this might be Cole Kelley’s game. I am leaving myself some wiggle room. Things can change. But that’s my feeling right now.

Again, I doubt they say anything that confirms anything. I wouldn’t if I was the coach because you don’t have to.

I know it’s a hedge Clay but I’ve been thinking all week that it could be Kelly’s game and they won’t announce until they see the offense take the field. Not saying that Cole is better, just think they need every edge they can get and it will still be a massacre

that’s the take home message