Clay no way HDN would or should be AD at UA right???

Clay, I love your writing but man HDN for AD?

I could get behind Tommy Tubberville… but for some reason I just don’t think HDN has the emotional make up to be AD…

Also, would you not think that we already have someone in mind, you don’t go long without a “KING”…


It’s gonna be HDN as AD and Gussiah as HC. Getting the band back together.

HOLY SH…!!! That just made me almost spew my coke as I was taking a drink when I read that.
The irony of that situation with HDN again being over Gus is laughable. ROTF.
Never would I expect to see that, but it sure was a funny suggestion. Then again my friends always
tell me I seem to like my humor on the dark side. :slight_smile:

That would sure bring Arkansas Football into the national spotlight. That might actually be a brilliant move.

I hope this is not what appears to be. A Houston Nutt coup. He had a lot of support among the big shots in Little Rock who have always been part of the UA through their check books. Athletic Director? and over Gus? Does anyone in it’s right mind think that is going to work? Those guys got their way, now let’s see how they are going to unscrew it. I have a bad feeling about all this.

It is my opinion that HDN is a clown who couldn’t manage his way out of a wet paper sack. Both while at the UA, and while at Ole Miss, he behaved like an adolescent “mean girl” with jealousy issues, which led to a complete inability to control his program…or his mouth. I believe it cost the Hogs an SEC title in 2006.

If this is what the UA decides to do, I will be shocked, disgusted, and sorely disappointed. But on a positive note, at least my Saturdays in the fall would be drama-free and much more flexible.

You do remember we won the West in 2006 and led the eventual national champion in the third quarter of the SECCG, right? You want to point to one thing that kept us from winning the SEC in 2006 it was Reggie Fish trying to catch that punt. HDN’s jealousy issues, if they existed, and his mouth had nothing to do with that.

Swine… if HDN was not from Arkansas what would he have done to put him in a position to be AD?

Just wanting your opinion,… and you might not even think he should be AD… just trying to see where you stand…


I don’t think he will be AD, I don’t think he even wants to be AD. TV is too easy a job. Why give that up to put yourself in the gunsights of an incredibly divided fan base, many of whom still hate his guts? Nutt’s not qualified to be an AD, for one thing. The days of promoting coaches to the AD job, much less the old HC/AD combo as JFB started out, are long gone. He is not ready to step in and run a $125 million annual revenue business.

Remember the Fish foible very well. Watched it in person. All HDN needed to do was get out of the way of that team - including the OC - and the SEC championship would have been ours. I’m not in favor of Gus now. Just saying HDN’s handling of MM, and the entire Springdale 5 situation, was a total joke - up to and including in the SECCG.

That someone would defend HDN now is surprising.

HDN does not have the resume to be AD of a major program. Neither does Tommy Tuberville. I have no inside info of any kind, but as an outsider I’m as confident as I can be that Nutt will not be offered the job. I’m less confident about Tuberville, but I hope he’s not offered the job, either. He has no administrative experience at all—except to the extent being an HC is administrative. Besides, he has no UA connections. Arkansas connections, yes, but none with the UA. I hope they hire someone who has a close history with the UA. That’s not essential, but I think it’d be a good idea.

>It’s gonna be HDN as AD and Gussiah as HC. Getting the band back together.<

A high school band no doubt.

cannot believe this is a thread

If Nutt was screwing things up all that badly, how did we win 10 games? How did we win the West? How did we have a 3rd quarter lead on what ended up being the best team in the country?

I’m not defending HDN, but you’ve pulled a hamstring stretching to criticize him.

nutt as ad, malzahn as coach. now that there folks is funny… we could make millions on the reality tv show.