Clay, mid-term grades?

Aloha Clay,

If at all possible, I would really enjoy your analysis and mid-term grades of the football team by position including coaching staff. Your insight and wisdom is infinitely superior to mine.

I greatly miss judged this year’s team. Matt Jones was right about his concerns about the OL. OL play has been depressing. The DL was supposed to be our strength but has failed to dominate the LOS. AA has exceeded all expectations. Receivers have been solid. TE play inconsistent and depth is still an issue. PK has been replaced. Our punter has been superlative. Linebacker depth was suppose to be improved…but starters dominated the minutes until Greenlaw’s injury. DB suffered from preseason injuries.

Additionally, are our defensive players afraid of being physical? I have noticed many whiffs and arm tackling attempts with few knockout tackles. Where is the heart and passion of our D?

Lastly, most especially against ATM and BAMA, the opponent RB or WR consistently get mega yardage before their first contact. Why? Is it the scheme? Are the defenders too slow? Is the scheme requiring too much of the talent on hand? Are our defenders scared of contact?


Hawaii Hog,
I think YOUR analysis is pretty “point on”… just slap some “grades” on there.

Guy, you pretty well got it. This team has been a disappointment. Not so much that they lost to Bama and A&M, but that they have just not shown up in some areas.

Last night, it was as bad a defense as I have seen in a long time (even as bad as we were last season).

I give the team a D. They are very close to being 2-4. They do not look like an SEC team.