Clay/Matt talk to the S$C ASAP

i would love to to know what is going to be his emphasis since we are going to hurry up…is it going on conditioning moreso than strength .would love to see some #'s on the SMU guys

From the press release:

“Trumain transformed our student-athletes at SMU and the success we saw on and off the field was a direct reflection of the culture he helped establish,” Morris said. “He has a great pedigree having been mentored by Rob Glass and does a great job of emphasizing strength, speed, quickness and recovery, which are all important to our style of play. He’s a key piece to our staff here at the University of Arkansas and I’m excited to continue to work with him.”

CCM mentioned he came from the Rob Glass school of conditioning. Here is an interesting story about Glass. One of his mentors was Stucky who came to Arkansas as the Strength Coach for a while.

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good find Hogmodo…appreciate it.