Clay/Matt I have noticed other

D1 schools schedule games on Friday night which I hate. I have never seen an SEC school have a game scheduled on Friday which I agree with. Is there an SEC rule against games on Friday or do teams just schedule all games on Saturday?

Friday night games are generally because TV wants them. Such as the ACC games on Friday night. If ESPN decides it will pay a few million extra to get us to play on Friday night, we probably will.

Well I just hope that never happens in SEC. it just takes away from high school football!

I would just call it one of those unwritten rules in the SEC. There are other unwritten rules in regards to officiating.


With the addition of Texas and OU, could the number of television slots on Saturday make a non Saturday game more necessary/acceptable?

Used to be several SEC thurs night games. Not a bad deal if you’re coming off a bye. I wouldn’t mind Fri games as long as they’re announced far enough in advance to not screw up travel arrangements. And of course we almost always play on fri after thanksgiving now.

I think I remember playing the Chickens in WMS on a Thursday night. (Confirmed – 2003).

I remember that. IIRC (check me on this, Jeff) this was our first game vs. Holtz when he went to USC-E.

Granny got to SoCar in 1999 and we thrashed them in WMS 48-14 that year. 2001 was the Carlos Hall blocked field goal and 2003 was the Thursday night game. We very intentionally scheduled our home games with Lou in WMS. He never coached as a visitor in RRS. I think that was to play mind games with Lou; he definitely thought our home field advantage was greater in WMS. He never beat us in Arkansas and our record against him was 4-2.

I always thought the South Carolina series was moved to Little Rock because it gave the Central/East Arkansas crowd a chance to buy more tickets to a conference game. It was moved there in 1997 and the Auburn game was moved to Fayetteville. South Carolina never traveled to Arkansas well.

As for Thursday/Friday games, I don’t think the SEC wants those except for opening weekend. The league office wants its teams playing on Saturdays and has the TV inventory to make sure it happens.

I think ticket sales were a consideration, but Lou let it be known that he considered Little Rock to have the better home field advantage (and of course it was bigger then) and we were happy to oblige him.

Nor does Arkansas traditionally travel well to S. Carolina.

This is why switching our permanent SEC East rival from S. Carolina to Mizzou was part of the group of minor concessions Jeff Long got when the SEC essentially demanded that we vacate our accustomed Black Friday game with LSU so that the Tigers could play A&M that weekend instead. In this regard - though virtually no one noticed or seemed to care - we did come out ahead.

We swapped a mean-nothing game (well, as little as any SEC game could mean) with a foe so far away that neither team’s fans cared much or traveled to the others site, for a game with a border state and the schools just a few hours apart, that at least has the potential to mature into a nice, legit rivalry game over time. Meanwhile, the Aggies were stuck with USC East as their annual foes.

Before Bluegrass posts this ( :wink: ) - yes - I’d rather have kept the LSU game as it was, on the day after Thanksgiving. But the fix was in, and we were never going to be able to keep that game…so, better to get something than nothing (we also got Alabama moved back so it wasn’t our SEC opener most years, and we got to keep the A&M game in JerryWorld…which is what we wanted AT THE TIME).

Didn’t we play UNLV in WMS on a Friday night when we opened the season in about 2001? It could have been a Thursday game, but it was not on a Saturday.

The UNLV game was a season-opening Thursday game. It was called by Mike Tirico, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso.

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Was that the game where Corso’s car was vaporized by lightning? What year was that?

I don’t remember the year, but I seem to remember it being a Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech game.

Good memory. It was GTech at VTech in 2000. Which wasn’t played that night because of the thunderstorm.

That UNLV game was one of the least entertaining games I’ve ever seen. It was like both teams were trying to lose. We were both horrible.

Main thing I remember about that UNLV was the pick 6 by Lawrence Richardson of Galveston (I was living in Galveston at the time), and the big thunderstorm in Galveston that night that kept knocking out my satellite signal on DISH. I didn’t see much of the second half thanks to the storm.

Never heard there was any thought about making Lou play in Little Rock.