Clay, Matt, Dudley...a question...

Do you think we will pay the Long buyout, the Bielema buyout and then a Malzahn buyout to get Gus? That is a lot of money…a lot of money. I would like Gus, but it seems a more viable option would be Mike Novell who runs a similar offense, is younger 36 vs. 52, and whose buyout is $500,000? Just curious.

I’m not speculating on who Arkansas might hire.

Here is what I do know: it is going to have to pay Long, Bielema and assistants until there are any offsetting incomes, and it is probably going to have to pay a buyout for another coach, regardless of who it hires. It might also have to buyout the contract of an existing AD.

Change is expensive.

MY gosh, that could be as much as 15 million dollars.

Hopefully the Big money guys have thought about this.,Before they Fired Long.

That’s the price of playing poker with the big boys these days.

If you don’t wanna pay that kind of money, then don’t take a seat at the table.


Seems to me if some of these big money guys want change, they need to supply the money it costs to get it. I suppose they know that. I also suppose we’re talking about donors who, at least collectively, don’t consider $30M that much money. That’s not something I can easily imagine except in the most abstract sense, but I know there are people in this state who have that kind of money.

If its about $$$ Norvell is the play is what it seems like.

They have, and they are leading this 3 ring circus at the moment.

So far they have looked like the clowns to me. Hope they prove to be great Ringmasters… :?

Actually, with what an AUB site has posted, if it’s Gus (not counting a new AD) for buyouts alone could top 25 million. Throw in yearly salary for five years and a new AD, could easily eclipse 60 million. Glad it’s not my money

Edit: I just realized I’m only counting the HC’s and not the current Razorback assistants, or new coaching assistants.

I think Norvell may be the smart move all the way around, though I’m still leery of a bidding war over his services.

The scary area of ‘unforeseen consequences’ is about
to make an entry like an earthquake.

I imagine the snickers and congratulatory backslapping
have been plentiful. My take is the new battlefield will
be even more treacherous than the last five years.
When you fire two seemingly very decent men that have brought a positive regard toward our state from a national
perspective due to the way they interact with our fans
and the media, a huge blow has lowered that improved

Our world with its immediate and powerful access to
information is vastly different from the Frank Broyles
era. We will cast off with new leadership in two very
important and impactful positions that reflect directly
on our school and thus to the state of Arkansas.

Will we really see a brighter and more vibrant view
toward The University of Arkansas? I doubt that.
I fear the modern feeling of entitlement of the masses
will find that they are once again bored and again feel
the need for another bloodletting to demonstrate
they are still pertinent and the PTB will yet again
stroke their perceived slights with the pull of those
very real strings.

That was a terrific, intelligent post. This is a guy that really understands the whole deal.

But all these other people said the buyouts weren’t that much, only about $6 million and just about everyone in Arkansas has that kind of money laying around – and we have all these rich boosters — and this was not big thing – like trading in a used F150 for a new one. How can this be, what you are saying? :roll: :lol: :slight_smile: :frowning: :o :ugeek: