Clay/ Matt /DD/ Jimmy..,,

Just for grins …

What’s your gut feel?

BB here next year or not?

Thanks in advance

I think he will be back if Arkansas makes a bowl game.

If it’s a bowl season, I think he returns. Otherwise, I’d just be guessing and I don’t like to guess.

And I believe Hogs can make a Bowl w a 5-7 finish.

I would hope that a 5-7 bowl game doesn’t save his job, that’s hardly anything to save a job over.

A 6-6 bowl, with a win in the bowl game, sure.

But now… what if he loses the bowl?

To start with, if he coaches a bowl game, he’s not going anywhere.

Because if you were to going to cut the chord, you would do that at the end of the regular season for recruiting purposes - especially with the new Dec. 20-22 early signing date.

I’ll stick with my previous position.

If the season had continued to trend downward - or resumes doing so again - the powers that be would likely make a change.

But if trends upward throughout the rest of this season, they probably won’t.