Clay/Matt -- Bielema Buyout Question?


A lazy lush getting what he deserves


They will still have to settle. Don’t kid yourselves.

This will end up being a black eye for the school. Just wait.

I’m sure they will settle - Bert won’t want to go through the discovery process lest he too wants a “ black eye.”

Why will it be a black eye, because the RF enforced the negotiated settlement agreement? Of course there will be a settlement to avoid details coming out in a trial, so, I fail to see any “black eye”.

I would love this to go to discovery. Everyone in America, minus fired coaches and their families, looks at these ridiculous “buyouts” with disgust.

Seriously-you suck at your job so you get fired, like any of us would. but you get miillions?!?!? and the firing is not “without cause”-when in fact it is for the only “cause” you are supposed to do-win ball games.

I think that not only would we not get a “black eye”, I think other universities would use us as a roadmap, this could truly be a landmark case that starts changing some of this crap.


Ok. Just wait.

Some of you need to take your personal feelings out of this. Y’all are just stalking the guy now.

You think Morris isn’t gonna get paid to leave? Name one coach we haven’t fired in the past 40 years other than Hatfield?

The lawyers and agents are the ones who will win in this. They will get paid.

I liked Brett, sorry it didn’t work out, I like saving some money, too. We’ll pay what we are obligated to pay, per the contract, assuming both parties uphold their end.

Hopefully not as much as previously was anticipated. I would think the RF thinks they have a just reason for withholding payments, no need to further increase their cost.

The way his termination was handled - as he entered the locker room - now coupled with this game of hardball tell me a lot about how the people calling the shots really feel about Mr. Bielema.

Clay is absolutely right on this.

I liked CBB. I hate it didn’t work. But he took a deal any of us would have taken.

This is why coaches must have good representation.

Everyone gets caught up on what coaches make and that they are fat and happy when fired.

The untold story is how U’s try to claw back their money their lawyers and AD’s gave up in these large buyouts to keep a coach when they thought a good idea.

Now they want to prove that he wasn’t really looking for work so they can wiggle out of a buyout?

He was entitled to security in a contract if fired which is a major consideration in staying.

U wanted him gone and can’t believe they paid so much.

But the U decided fired him. (I don’t disagree at all btw).

The U can try to flex muscle and try get some money back if it wants. But it’s the U and its lawyers that agreed to this two party contract.

And as Clay pointed out, the lawyers make money regardless of whether U claws back money from its poor contract or not.

The U acts as if it were no party to this clause on buyout for convenience.

“U” are correct, there were two party’s that signed the contract, both were expected to uphold their end. In the eyes of one party, the other didn’t, thus the disagreement.

They’ll settle. Don’t see this going to court.

Lawyers make money whether you go to court or not.

My good friend who’s my attorney, and also an avid duck hunter, likes to talk about hunting. I always clarify that we’re off my clock and just talking when he goes into the hunting talk.

I hate that they’re trying to claw back the money. The next coach we hire will probably take note of this.

Or maybe actually try to find a job? My goodness Les went after every job available, how many did Brett apply for?

That’s the $11mm question - I do follow the coaching silly season pretty closely and his name was never tied to any of the openings.

These people obviously had to chop the head off 1st. Jeff Long, then get to Bielema.
But these same people also got snookered into letting Long clean house & replacing most all of the old regimes athletic personell in the loop allowing him more control.