Clay/Matt Baseball Uniforms

I have noticed that Arkansas is one of the very few teams that put name on players uniform. I like it because it is hard to recognize players with helmets etc on. I have been season ticket holder since Baum opened and it is nice to see their names on back of uniform. Is their a reason Arkansas does it and others don’t? I do wish they would wear the throw back/cream colored uniforms more but that is just me.


My personal opinion is that I didn’t like the throwback unis. I noticed how normal Spanberger looked in it; not his usual imposing self at the plate. Might just be that we lost in them, who knows…

Dave Van Horn wants names on uniforms. It’s expensive, the reason some don’t do it. But Dave thinks players and fans like it. It’s a big league touch he likes.

Dave also likes the cream throw backs. He especially likes to save them for end of a series like Monday night. Players think they are warmer but like them except on hot days. That wasn’t a problem Monday night.

The cream jerseys will look a little different next year. All the jerseys will be made from a newer Nike material that is supposed to be cooler.

I would think that they would need a warm version for early in the season. :sunglasses: