Clay/Matt - are there any possible DL changes?

What about Cameron Ball? Is Ridgeway banged-up? We need to get our push back

I think the eight who have rotated this year are going to be the ones who continue to get the snaps.

Do you look for Jayden Johnson to start playing a bigger role in the defensive backfield?

Johnson’s snap numbers don’t suggest he is going to be taking away playing time from one of the other safeties. He played seven defensive snaps against Ole Miss and four against Texas A&M. He has played a lot at the end of blowouts, but not much in competitive games.

he also laid the wood on some Ole Piss player, on special teams. seems he’s large enough to be a LB next year. Is he fast enough to play safety?


I like this topic. What do we know about the talent that doesn’t get mentioned a lot. Do we know how talented the next group of players are? We could lose a lot of talent/ experience in the off season. Any guesses how big of a drop off we face?

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I think you will see mainly the same players in the DL.

He plays safety now. He might be the replacement for a guy like Simeon Blair if he was unavailable. Johnson has a better chance to see the field when Arkansas fields 3 safeties, but the top 3 right now are pretty dependable.


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