Clay/Matt any chance we see Cole Turney DH some?

he’s our highest signee and really hasn’t been given a chance…I understand Bonfield is in there but Turney could be another Spanberger!

Dave Van Horn told me today that they are going to take him on the trip this weekend after leaving him home for the Florida series. I don’t think it’s likely that he will start, but he might get some playing time as a pinch-hitter. More than anything, they want him to see what it’s like on the road in the SEC, from the travel to the hotel to the atmosphere.

Turney had the shoulder surgery, but he also has had some lower body injuries (an ankle, I think) that he has dealt with since the preseason. Those things can disrupt a player’s swing. I think he has just been frustrated. He’s a better hitter than he has shown in the limited at-bats he has had.

That said, you better produce when you get a chance on this team. There are too many good hitters to put someone who is not doing well in the lineup.

Turney has been bothered by an ankle injury off and on. Matt is correct. Think it’s better.