Clay, listening to you on The Morning Rush

via the magic of Twitter. I know you have expressed that radio is not your favorite thing to do, but man you are really good at it. Makes my drive to work very enjoyable. thank you!


I think I like doing it early in the morning best. I’ve always done the afternoon drive time slot with Chuck Barrett and Bo Mattingly the last 24 years. That wasn’t great as far as the dove tail with the rest of what I do. It kills the end of your day. Doing it in the morning is MUCH better. I’m up early anyway and we are done by 9 a.m. Two days a week (Monday and Friday) is perfect for me.

I appreciate your kind words.

The way I’m doing it now is a real treat. I have a computer (actually it’s called a Comrex) that I plug into my modem. I’ve got a wall plug in my kitchen and I set up the Comrex on my dining room table. Then, I plug in radio quality headsets with a mic in front of my chin. The Comrex through the Internet goes into the studio system and it mixes like I’m sitting next to John Nabors and Tommy Craft.

I like Tommy and John. We may give each other a hard time, but that’s just for fun. It seems to get smoother every day.

Ain’t technology great? or should I say amazing?

It has been amazing to see changes.